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Short summary of graviton and gravitino searches February 11, 2007

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CDF and D0 have performed several searches for these exotic particles in the recent past. While answering a question by Helge in the comment column of a post below I ended up putting together links to most of the produced papers by the Tevatron experiments on gravitino or extra dimension searches. I think the links are useful so I replicate the information below…

Here is Helge’s question:

Just a little off-topic question. I wonder, if anybody thinks of discovering “gravitons” at LHC,…. It didn’t show up at https://dorigo.wordpress.com/2007/02/02/what-will-be-the-next-discovery/.

And my answer: 

Well, I think gravitons will be sought with enthusiasm at the LHC, especially since a few of their production signatures are important also in searches for SuperSymmetry. The reason you do not see the graviton in the pie of future discoveries is that it is hidden in the “large extra dimensions” slice.

Both the graviton (either a Kaluza-Klein excitation in n>1 extra dimension models, or the so-called Randall-Sundrum graviton) and the supersymmetric gravitino can be detected, if they exist, in hadronic collisions of high enough energy. In fact they have already been sought for at the Tevatron; one straightforward way to do so is to look for events with a high-energy jet recoiling against “missing” energy. The production processes foresee in the final state a gluon recoiling against the gravit-on (-ino), which may leave the detector unseen, thereby resulting in a large imbalance in the transverse energy measured by the calorimeter.

See here for the gravitino and here for the RS or here for the KK graviton searches performed by CDF in that final state, for instance. Or this paper for a search in the final state of a high-energy photon recoiling against, again, missing energy.

As for D0, they published their latest graviton searches in PRD 90 (2003), 251802 (sorry, no link) and PRL 95, 091801 (2005); for large extra dimension searches in the dimuon final state see PRL 95 (2005) 161602.

The LHC discovery reach for these particles is of course much higher. A graviton can be seen as a high-mass resonance of two photons, for instance, or an electron-positron pair. CMS and ATLAS have a discovery reach well in excess of 2 TeV for the graviton mass in these decay modes, provided 100 fb-1 of integrated luminosity are collected, and the coupling of the graviton to standard model particles is not too weak.

A note by CMS describing some of these searches is available here.



1. Helge - February 11, 2007

Hi T.

Thanks a lot for that indeep answer. So if I understand this right, if we discover “this and that” extra dimension, we know that there is “this and that”-Graviton?


2. Alfred Schrader - September 11, 2009

When I discovered the Graviton, I didn’t expect all of this.
Here are a few details that might help- It does have mass.
It has a velocity exceeding 10,000 times the speed of light.
It appears in various orbits, from a few millimeters out to the edge of our Milky Way galaxy. All atoms have at least one Graviton in orbit around the nucleus. It creates gravity & inertia by “bumping” into other atoms.
Hope this helps you guys,

Alfred Schrader

Truth Please - October 30, 2009

Alfred Schrader – you are on some kind of weird trip. In other posts you call yourself “Chef Alfred Schrader” who claims to know the recipe of KFC chicken, and in yet other posts you have still other claims about yourself. A search of the web finds absolutely zero journal articles ever published by you, and the only references to the graviton and yourself are in your own posts. LOL

Alfred Herman Schrader - December 20, 2009

Dear Truth Please- You are absolutely correct. I have never written a journal article. I will write an article if this would please you. Posts are the “new” place where scientific knowledge will be disseminated. Printed media will soon be a relic. I don’t claim anything, I have the facts & my discoveries are happening so rapidly print could not keep up with them, anyhow.
As for KFC, Harland Sanders first successful KFC was in 1964 on 7th Avenue in Miami same as the first successful Burger King. I grew up on 12th Avenue in Miami – I was there when it all went down. I saw & ate things in that first KFC that you would not believe. And unlike most others, I am available for questions….alfredschrader@aol.com

3. Sus - December 10, 2009

LOLOL Truth Please.
I was THINKING the same. This Chef ( and I say this lightly) is constantly, putting down Chef Tyler, and other well known Chefs, on AOL and the food network. He complains about other’s recipes. I’ve read his comments for several months now. I also have searched the web for some insight on Chef Alfred, NONE!
The first time I emailed him, I was asking for a recipe ( Italian gravy) he said, on a AOL recipe blog, (Tylers), he would share, that was far better. I received a email reply, with no such recipe, and I was lead to believe this person/ screen name, is a FAKE/SCAM.
He states, he’s cooked for Presidents, and other rich and famous people, these are always “His” words, no one else’s.
I think it’s all in his Mind. He takes on the persona of anyone he can. Chef AlFred who did you intern under? Where did you get your degree’s?

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