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Search engine terms this week February 14, 2007

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, internet, language.

Here are some combinations of words used by web surfers who visited my site this week:

  • “susy babe”: I guess this guy hit the “I feel lucky” button… He was wrong though.
  • “dengue in mexico 2007”: well, I did a quite similar search a couple of weeks ago. Things are under control in the mayan coast, but Dengue has become endemic in most of the tropical areas throughout the world, due to “civilization”: tin cans and tires filled with water everywhere.
  • “www.sex sites”: this guy must have really been disappointed by what he got to read in my site… I guess he did not stay long.
  • “CMS physicists”: finally a successful search. Yes, I am a physicist and yes, I work in CMS. What do you need, buddy ?
  • “666 square root”: well, somebody should explain to the person typing this that googling around is *not* always the easiest way to get an answer!
  • “polonium-210 for sale”: still a fashionable google search, months after the Litvinenko affair.
  • “the bush administration and india and pakistan”: I wonder what I have written on this topic here that might have triggered the search result. Nothing that I remember.
  • “making fun of italians”: well, sometimes I do…


1. Bee - February 15, 2007

*lol* Not bad at all!

I noticed yesterday that my blog is the first to be already

Post String Theory

Notice the essential sentence

Can we just finish this &$%@ post?

Sometimes I wonder what these people really were looking for.

Maybe you should write more about hot and strange matters or so. Also, make plenty of use of the abbreviation ‘SM’ for standard model.



2. Carl Brannen - February 16, 2007

My favorite hit was (I think) from someone trying to figure out how to buy underwear. Now what the heck could “bra measurements” have to do with physics?


3. dorigo - February 17, 2007

Lol, Bee, good suggestion about SM SM SM SM SM BDSM! LOL!
Seriously, though, I guess somebody should invent a “irrelevant search shield” which takes your text and signals words or sentences that attract unwanted attention… I wrote about pedophiles in the past, and then for quite a while I got hits from people looking for kids s*x. Quite annoying, because my wife made me promise I would not post pics of the kids anymore in my blog.


4. dorigo - February 17, 2007

Carl, that bra measurement issue in Kea’s blog had escaped me, thanks for linking it, quite hilarious.


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