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Free legal counseling from a former defense minister February 19, 2007

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, politics.

Cesare Previti, a corrupt politician member of Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, has been sentenced to social service in Don Picchi’s Centro Italiano di Solidarietà. He will provide legal assistance for free in Castel Gandolfo, for the next three years.

Previti, who in 1994 had been proposed by the italian premier as a minister of Justice in his new government -the then italian president Oscar Luigi Scalfaro had refused to appoint Previti in that office-, ran the italian Defense Ministry during the first Berlusconi government. Accused of bribery in the cause called “Imi-Sir”, he was sentenced to six years of emprisonment last year.

Currently, Previti is at domiciliary arrest -a benefit he obtained through a law tailored on his own future needs (the law was called “salva-Previti” – save Previti – by the press) passed by Berlusconi’s government in 2005. He did only 5 days of jail time after his arrest, and curiously, he never resigned from his seat in the italian parliament. So we now have a corrupt lawyer and congressman who is now giving free legal counseling for a non-profit organization.

I would hurry to get an appointment if I were you. Previti’s sentence has been reduced to three years thanks to a law passed last year to reduce overcrowding of penitentiaries, but his own lawyers are probably working to get him out even sooner.



1. riqie arneberg - February 19, 2007

It is heartening to know that the rich and powerful get a free pass in Italy as well as here in the US. Were I in charge, these kind would be stripped of all assets and work at a menial job like those they have stolen from.

2. dorigo - February 19, 2007

Hi Riqie,

in Italy, many would call you a “forcaiola” (forca is the place where a hanging is set – the English word fails me right now).
However, many do share your point too. I think people like Previti have done a huge amount of damage to our country in the recent past, by showing that a strong political support and good lawyers allows you to do almost anything without getting the right punishment.



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