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A long trip February 25, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, physics, travel.

By the time of this foward-timestamped post, I will be on a flight from Madrid to Mexico City, together with Mariarosa, Filippo, and Ilaria. The torture -er, flight- time is about 12 hours! I have never taken so long a flight, and the prospect of spending the time with the kids in a constrained space (and I hear Iberia does not excel in leg room) is a nightmarish one.

I think we will survive… Somehow. I have tried to think in advance at all the nuisances that make the difference between a normal and a good trip, but it is not easy to foresee everything. So, for instance, I do have a laptop with a few DVDs and 12 hours of battery, and we are bringing food for the kids (who usually will repel the airplane meals), but I have been unable to reserve neighboring seats in advance (Iberia has NO call center, damn it!).

I should be able to post erratically next week, since the house we are going to spend our time in has wireless connection. I plan to write about the “consistency” of the Z->bb data with the H->tau tau “signal” found by CDF and the excess of events of a D0 analysis of Z->bb; but I will also try and post some pictures of the places we will visit.



1. Kea - February 25, 2007

Well, good luck! As a regular passenger on 12+ hr flights, I can tell you that kids DO get restless.

2. Bee - February 26, 2007

have a save trip! interestingly, I was on an air canada flight yesterday, and I had an 110V outlet in the seatback in front of me. hadn’t noticed that before, but it improves working time with the laptop 🙂

3. Louise - February 27, 2007

Have a nice trip! I am sure that the family will enjoy Mexico.

4. dorigo - March 1, 2007

Hi Kea,

yes, the flight from Madrid to Mexico City was long… We boarded at 1AM, but the plane did not leave at 1.50 but rather at 4AM! So we stayed in there for 15 hours! However, my kids slept a lot and in the end it was not so horrible 🙂 We were concerned with the missed connection to Cancun, but there was no trouble getting on the next one… In the end, we only lost a couple of hours.

Filippo is becoming a frequent traveler himself! I computed the number of flights he’s been on so far: 38!


5. dorigo - March 1, 2007

Wow, interesting to know Bee. A step in the right direction.
I hope they will all have internet on board in a few years… Sadly, though, Lufthansa discontinued the service last December. But it’s going to be offered by all airlines in a little while I think.

As for power, actually I do not care much. My sony vaio lasts 12 hours with two batteries!


6. dorigo - March 1, 2007

Hi Louise,

thank you… I can tell you they already are! The kids love the pool most of all, but I am trying to kick their butt and get them to see the fish in the reef 🙂


7. Mike - October 14, 2009

Thats a longer flight than I have ever been on. I start sticking to the seat after a while…not comfortable and no Im not fat. I would suggest sedatives and maybe a DVD palyer to pass time o na trip like this.

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