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dorigo@Soliman-bay March 1, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.

Posting from an improbable internet point in Tulum, I have little to report. After a rather smooth but still exhausting 28-hour trip, we arrived at Margarita Villa on Sunday afternoon, and from there it has only been about sighting beautiful, colored fishes, resting on the beach, and eating and drinking too much.

About fishes: I made friends with a green moray which lives on a coral rock right in front of our villa. I visit it every morning, and the scary fish is always there for me, half-hidden and coming out only with the big mouth, constantly opening and closing it to breathe. It is a rather long thing, about 4 feet. I used to think these animals would scare the heck out of me, but now I get two feet from it without feeling too concerned…

Other nice fishes I saw: lots of sting  rays, grey angel fishes, parrot fishes, blue tangs, trunk fishes, purcupine fishes…. The list is getting longer by the day. Soliman bay has a long reef protecting it from the ocean waves, and it can be best described as a natural pool, 4 to 8 feet deep throughout. A real paradise for snorkeling.

I will post pictures of the place when I am back… Next week. As for the rest, being disconnected from everything makes me a rather useless reporter… I will try to connect every couple of days to answer comments left here, though.



1. Francesco - March 2, 2007

buon riposo!

2. Bee - March 2, 2007

Hi Tom,

hope you’re having a good time 😉 Have a weird question: what if the Higgs field wasn’t quantized. I mean, with all the necessary quantum numbers, but not operator valued? (Sorry, if that’s a stupid question). Best,


3. dorigo - March 4, 2007

Ciao Checco, a presto!

Hi Bee,

Indeed, I am!

About your question, I am afraid I am totally unable to answer it! I do understand its meaning, and that is all…. Anybody out there who wants to take this on ?

Sorry for my ignorance!


4. smm - March 9, 2007

you’re in tulum! if you’re lucky, you may catch a performance by the band
“bandikoro.” they’re great.

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