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An apology March 6, 2007

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, travel.

At a time when I should use the spotlights, I am writing nothing. I am still on vacation in the Mayan riviera, near Tulum, and Internet time is both difficult to get and to justify, with such a beatiful sea and land to explore.

I will be back with some news tomorrow… And back to my office on Friday. Until then, this blog will be erratically attended. Thank you for your understanding!

Ah, I also plan to post a few pictures of the places, just for fun. But not today… After a day trip to Punta Allen, in the middle of a natural preserve, I have spent the last few hours drinking Margaritas (well, yes, that means more than one) in the white sandy Tulum beach. My blogging now would be unreliable and ridiculous 🙂



1. Kea - March 6, 2007

We didn’t need this post! Just enjoy yourself!

2. Alexander W. Janssen - March 6, 2007

If I see you lurking aroung here before friday I’ll tell your wife you’ve been hanging around with us nerds here again! 🙂
Enjoy your holidays, Alex.

3. Tony Smith - March 6, 2007

Enjoy your holidays. No need to apologize for that. You have earned some happy holidays.

Tony Smith

PS – My cousin who teaches school in Atlanta tells me that Venice is now a popular spring vacation destination among her students. Maybe you are the leading edge of a future trend in which residents of Venice will have to go to Mexico to escape USA students on spring break ?

4. island - March 6, 2007

arrgh… thar be sunken treasure and some mighty formidable gamefish under nearby blue-green waters, too…

I think I’m catching a fever… 😉

5. dorigo - March 7, 2007


Ok ok, I won’t apologize for my vacation… But blogs are addictive! So here I am again!


6. Kea - March 7, 2007

Oh noooo!

7. dorigo - March 7, 2007

LOL… Ok ok no posts today. Actually, there’s something boiling in my mailbox, I will have to talk about it soon, but I will fly back before I do.


8. Alexander W. Janssen - March 7, 2007

Bloody hell, grab youself a cocktail and go to the beach! Friggin’ hell, you’re worse than me 😉

(I’m currently Alpha-testing a computer-game which totally glues me to my keyboard, a very welcome distraction to the usual, borgin IT-work)

Cheers, Alex.

P.S.: Ah yeah, the game’s website is http://dangerdeep.sourceforge.net/, a free WW2 submarine simulation

9. island - March 7, 2007

Actually, there’s something boiling in my mailbox, I will have to talk about it soon, but I will fly back before I do.

That’s just cruel.

10. dorigo - March 9, 2007

Hi Island,

well, no, it is just that I am overwhelmed by things to take care of! But I will discuss what I hinted at next morning, promised. In any case, it has to do more with sociology than with physics.


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