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And now the Economist… Oh well. March 9, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, internet, news, personal, physics, politics, science.

 Fermilab Today links an article by  the Economist today. Here is an excerpt:

In recent weeks a number of physicists have got excited about bumps in the data taken at two experiments at the Tevatron. A bump is usually a sign that something has gone awry, but if all possible sources of error have been eliminated, it can indicate the presence of a particle. That both experiments on the Tevatron ring have their new bumps at precisely the same energy is particularly intriguing.

Oh well. Bubbles have the natural tendency to inflate – before they blow. Do I feel responsible for this one ? Yes and no. I was part of the bloggers who discussed these fluctuations in the last two months, and I did make some remarks that could have been equivocated here and there; but I think I was clear in stating my belief (personal, of course) that it is all a fluctuation. And whether I was speaking for myself, well, ain’t that obvious ? Come on, this is a blog!

More on this later…



1. Fred - March 9, 2007

I believe we take you at face value but it was also considerate to use a disclaimer as a preventive measure to protect yourself. Films ending with the producers restating their legal stature after the credits have rolled are good uses of this practice. Certainly a good chess move. Guten Tag.

2. dorigo - March 9, 2007

Yes, Fred, regular readers here well understand that I speak for myself here. But occasional browsers might think this is a public site of the CDF collaboration, or maybe that I am a member of the Mossad trying to infiltrate physics experiments. Who knows what is in the head of people ?


3. island - March 9, 2007

Oh, big damned deal… String theorists have been publically hyping the “fact” that they are on the verge of a ToE for thirty years now… phhhht.

4. dorigo - March 9, 2007

🙂 that is right… But we experimentalists for some reason that fails me take ourselves so damn seriously that we border the ridicule at times. Read my last post for a bitter laugh.


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