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The insolence of Iberia March 9, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.

Well, not exactly insolence, but a Shakespearish citation…. 

After a 27-hour trip through Cancun, Mexico City, and Madrid, we finally touched bases tonight at home in Venice. Rather exhausting, but smooth, except for an incident in Mexico City.

We were departing from Cancun with a Mexicana flight, and then had a tight connection in Mexico city with Iberia to Madrid. In Cancun the check-in personnel had not given us the boarding cards for the Iberia tract, saying they had no computer connection with their system – weird, since they are partners as far as I know. The lady at the counter had told us not to worry though, and instructed us to go directly to the departure gate in Mexico city.

Alas, we do that: once in Mexico city, we go straight at the gate instead than exiting and checking in again. But we find nobody there for a while, and I grow worried. Iberia does not know about us, and the flight will be leaving in little more than one hour! So I go to the information desk, where they tell me I would need to exit the terminal, get back in and check in with Iberia, then go through security – all this with two small kids, lots of carry-ons, and less than one hour to the flight. No way.

Then they suggest that I go alone: even worse! Imagine if I am not granted the boarding passes: I will never go back through security to my family any more…

I get them to call Iberia check in and they find nobody on the phone. The reservation office also does not answer… And time passes.

So I go back to the gate, and I find the Iberia staff finally. He says I really have to go to the check in, he cannot issue me boarding passes! I first insist that he sends the information through, and then I gradually grow angry, the more so since he refuses to call the check-in counter to signal our situation. Trying to keep calm, I argue that if we do what he says we are going to miss the flight. He agrees, and says we have to wait for a supervisor – he cannot issue the passes, nor get them done and sent to us there.

Minutes tick… And eventually, the boarding passes arrive: after I thank the Iberia staff with a hopeless smile, we are among the last to board the plane, with seats in rows 20, 27, 33 and 35, and 7-years-old and 4-years old kids.

Well, whose is the fault ? For sure Mexicana did a dirty trick to us, not giving us the passes in the first place, and sending us to the wrong place in Mexico city. But Iberia also did not behave with us. I had to talk on the phone with the Capo de Escalo to get things rolling!

Hmmm, Iberia is not high in my list of preferred airline companies any longer… Too bad. I will stick with Lufthansa next time. 



1. Bee - March 9, 2007

Welcome back home 🙂

2. dorigo - March 9, 2007

Thank you Sabine! I found a ****load of stuff to take care of, but I am happy to be back in working mode after all.


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