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A week in London March 14, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, Blogroll, internet, personal, science, travel.

At the end of March I will travel to London, where a conference on  open problems in Cosmology  will be held at the Imperial College from the 26th to the 29th.

I am happy to return to the City after a long absence – my last visit was more than a decade ago! But I am even happier to spend a week there for my personal instruction. And what’s more, I will have a chance to listen to Andrew Jaffe and Louise Riofrio , who are both giving a talk there! I am always thrilled to meet in person people with which I have made acquaintance over the internet.

Also, Mariarosa’s birthday is on the 29th. She will join me there at the end of the conference and we will celebrate… Any suggestion for a suitable place to spend the evening ?



1. Kea - March 14, 2007

Hee, hee, you’ll be going to Louise’s talk, then? You MUST blog about it, and the rest of the conference. Some colleagues from here will be there, but they’re useless with passing on information.

2. dorigo - March 14, 2007

Of course I’ll be blogging about Louise! It’s the whole purpose of the trip…

3. Kea - March 15, 2007

By the way, Tommaso, David Wiltshire won’t be going to the conference, but you could ask Ishwaree or Alex about his model.

4. dorigo - March 15, 2007

Which brings me to say, What is David’s model ? 😐
[Remember I am on a trip for my own instruction, don’t give that for already done! 🙂 ]


5. francescopadormo - March 15, 2007

I’d recommend trying out Arbutus Tommaso, a great restaurant in Soho.It’s recently won an award in Time Out for the best new restaurant in London. Even thought I didn’t get to try it (I’m vegetarian), my Dad thought the lamb was amazing!

Another place to try out around the Physics department is Kensington Place (it’s a short cab ride away). Their fish is amazing. For a much quicker lunch try out Stick & Bowl on the walk to Kensington High Street. You can tell it’s good because all the local Chinese people eat there!

6. riqie arneberg - March 15, 2007

Your post prompted me to nisit Louise’s site. One must wonder whether you will be there to listen, or to ogle! Lacking the math to follow all she has to say, I still gather that either expansion is increasing, or C is decreasing. This latter possibility has been ignored by the popular press, but leads me to invite derision by suggesting my own speculation, namely that we just happen to be, roughly, at the center of a local (by local i mean something larger than the observable universe) gravity well. I am sure there is observational data which rules out this possibility, but no one I have asked can tell me what it might be. It seems that, if true, we might need neither accelerating expansion nor decreasing C.

7. dorigo - March 16, 2007

Hi Riqie,

glad you visited Louise… I will be there to listen, of course, although I am by no means insensitive to beautiful women.
I think that the possibility that constants such as c are not actually constants on the time scale of the Universe’s lifetime is quite intriguing and certainly not ruled out. What you propose instead seems crackpotty but I have no contradicting proof to show…
Maybe others do ?


8. dorigo - March 16, 2007

Hi Francesco,

thank you for your suggestions, I will look into the matter and consider “Kensington place” – we love fish.


9. Andrea Giammanco - March 18, 2007

who is Louise?

10. dorigo - March 18, 2007

Oh, sorry Andrea, I should have linked her. Louise Riofrio has a blog called “babe in the universe”, and she is a really good-looking (for a change) astrophysicist with bold (for a change) ideas.


11. Karl - March 19, 2007

I strongly recomment St John restaurant, http://www.stjohnrestaurant.co.uk. I have eaten there once, and my English friends several times; it is an absolutely unique experience, and bloody good food too. The roast bone marrow and parsley salad is not to be missed.

12. dorigo - March 19, 2007

Thank you Karl, I will look into that too. Too bad my wife and I have only two evening to spend there!


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