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Research-grade Saturn image March 18, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, internet, science.

Marco Vedovato, a (not-just-) amateur astronomer with an interest in planet imaging, distributed yesterday a great image of Saturn in a mailing list I subscribe to.

Marco, who is a regular contributor to ALPO , usually works with lesser instruments than the one he used for the picture shown below, a 80 cm (31.5″) Cassegrain telescope from the Max Valier Observatory. Even given the large diameter, the quality of the image is really good:

Please note – among several other interesting tiny details – the Encke division, a feature I recently claimed to have glimpsed with my scope, which has a diameter half the one used for the image above. The Encke division is the first dark band one finds from the edge of the rings, a fifth of the way to the much wider Cassini division. Encke has a width of only a few tenths of an arcsecond, so it is really, really at the limit of the power of a 16″ scope, despite being much longer and a feature of quite high contrast. 



1. Gina LePar - March 18, 2007

T!!!! I have finally found access to you. I think that i have your email wrong. Email me at intlwmnofmysteryxxx@yahoo.com so we can reconnect and so i can give you my new phone numbers. When you called me last I was sitting in an empty house, with my family, a big truck outside with my things and there was no way for me to naperville. and i understood you couldnt come to morris 😦 so alas, another missed opportunity. I am SO glad that i found a way to contact you. Everything is actually going well. I am finally doin more than surviving, we are actually thriving and little by little things are good. I actually can afford a trip there, perhaps at the holidays? .(without the kids, im not doing so well that i can afford all that but i could for myself). PLEASE get in touch. I miss you so much. I need new pictures of the children for my refrigerator and would love to talk to you. Now that i have this website i can read all that is going on with your work. By the way, Nicholas was just speaking of you a couple weeks ago because he was in a chess tournament and WON and he was so excited. We love you and miss you guys so much.

2. alex - March 20, 2007

Dove posso trovare quest’immagine per metterla come sfondo sul mio desktop ?

3. dorigo - March 20, 2007

Hi Alex,

you can ask for the original to Marco Vedovato. Send me your mail address or leave it here (I will then erase it) and I will forward you the address of Marco.


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