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Search engine terms this week March 21, 2007

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, internet, language, personal.

I have not posted much on the issue of what were people searching in the internet when they were directed here – I think the fact that I have started talking more and more about physics and less about other trivialities made the subject less interesting.

However, not to lose a good habit, here are a few of the terms sought:

  • Lisa Randall nude“, “Lisa Randall married“, “Lisa Randall biography“, “female physicist on Charlie Rose“: undoubtedly, the interview she gave with Charlie Rose spurred an enormous interest in the web. People were, I reckon, stimulated by the unheard-of thought of a woman with brains. Oh well, if they don’t learn, they’ll at least die soon.
  • histogram distribution digits of pi“: oh well, this one seems to be fishing for unexpected numerological discoveries. Flat, dude, it’s just a flat distribution, as much as that of any transcendental number! 
  • “new scientist” Tommaso“: well, yes, that was me they quoted in the Higgs article, alas!
  • Hints on Extraterrestrial Computers“: hints ? What hints ? Please let me know, this is intriguing…
  • tommaso dorigo blog“, “tommaso dorigo“, “quantum diaries survivor“: apparently, the signal to noise of my visit graph is increasing, since I noted a marked increase in people who were actually looking for the blog itself, rather than improbable mixes of physics, chess, telescope making, and the like.


1. riqie arneberg - March 21, 2007

I would not have known of this video had it not been for this post.

It is refreshing to hear a physicist interviewed by someone in media without a political/religious agenda.


2. Louise - March 21, 2007

Having recent (this week) experience with sexism, I feel for the other LR. Even if one has never been photographed nude, trolls will photoshop your face on a naked body. In this case, the bug was traced back to a lone man on a computer at 00:51 in the morning. I trust Cornell will not continue to employ people like this. I have enjoyed your quotes in New Scientist.

3. Carl Brannen - March 22, 2007

As a form of amusement, I spent a few minutes accessing my cyber friends’ websites and blogs with amusing search terms. It turned out to be an apparent waste of time; they never mentioned any of them.

Here’s one for Louise.

4. dorigo - March 22, 2007

Riqie, thanks for linking the Charlie Rose video… I had not seen it before.

Hi Louise,

well, Lisa Randall has a position which allows her to fight sexism quite successfully, I think. The fact that the idea of a great body with brains is stimulating to men (and women) is hard to circumvent, so we better live with it…

now you got me curious, what were the associations you tried out ? Come on, you can tell us a few!

Cheers to all,

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