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Recent activity in blogs I visit March 24, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, Blogroll, chess, computers, internet, mathematics, news, physics, science.

Here are some highlights of blogs I visit that feature new interesting content:

  • David Orban has been recently discussing new features in Second Life and other news in the world of innovations.
  •  Tim Krabbe’ has an interesting post about the Rxc3 sac in the Sicilian defence. Only for chess addicts.
  • The quantum pontiff has been on a diet as of late. Check out his graph…
  • Peter Woit has resumed his blogging after a trip to Italy. He has a few interesting links out in his latest post .
  • My friend Helge is now blogging from a wordpress site – I will update the link on the right when I have the energy!
  • Alex Janssen has a quite interesting post out about ssh .
  • My friend Jeff has not been stuck to the relativity post as me and other dumbos who just clicked on the link on the right column here thought… I now fixed it .
  • Louise Riofrio’s site is always active and entertaining, worth visiting on a daily basis.
  • The same can be said about the Backreaction site…
  • Resonaances has a few nice posts out about dark matter.
  • Last but not least, Kea’s M theory lesson series has reached item number 30. I admit I do not understand much, but I am notoriously dumb… It is great study material.


1. Louise - March 25, 2007

I am glad the family had a lovely trip to Mexico. Since you asked about eating places earlier, the Dana Centre is right around the corner from the conference. It is a new cafe devoted to science, with events almost every night, http://www.danacentre.org.uk. As a little girl I enjoyed San Lorenzo in Beauchamp Place, close to Imperial College. It was the hot Italian restaurant in the 1980’s.

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