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Day one about to start March 26, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, news, science.

I’m sitting in the ninth row in the big theatre at the third floor of the Blackett building, Imperial College, and the conference is about to start. I feel much more excited than I do at any regular particle physics conference, because I am a newcomer here. Nobody knows me, and I know nobody.

Of course, if they start talking about particle physics, I may raise my hand if I have a point… But otherwise, I will be much more concentrated with trying to understand what is being discussed, than with critically checking what is being said. I usually am quick with the comment, but this time I am much more likely to keep silent than I usually do.

Ok, Kea asked for pictures. Since I am a tourist here, I will comply. Here is the conference theatre, minutes ago, while the organizers are still fixing the last details and people start flowing in.


Shoot… For some reason I have trouble uploading pics today. Later.

Update – as you see the pic now works.

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