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Program of the day March 28, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal.

Today the Outstanding Questions conference will feature many interesting talks. I look forward to hearing from Carlo Contaldi (“CMB alignment and anisotropic inflation”), R.Pain (“Probing Dark Energy with Type 1a Supernovae”), C.Beck (“Laboratory tests of dark energy”, the talk signalled by Tony Smith in a comment here), and M.Smith (“The SDSSII Supernova Survey”), among others.

However, I am afraid I will be unable to attend a few of them, since I will be picking up my wife at Gatwick at noon. I plan to be back to the conference for a while, but then we will leave for an early dinner and an evening at the Apollo, to see “The Glass Menagerie”, a Tennessee Williams play featuring none other than Jessica Lange. That, by the way, is my birthday present to Mariarosa. I know she does not read my blog, but please don’t tell her what’s in store!

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