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A marriage! March 31, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Art, books, personal, science.

Today my brother Paolo got married to Edith. I am very happy for them, and I wish them all the best.

It was a nice ceremony, and quite nice was also the party which followed, where I could spend some time with relatives I have usually little chances to meet.

Among them, the most interesting person from a scientific standpoint is Andrea Rinaldo , who is professor of civil and environmental engineering in Padova, and director of the International Centre for Hydrology “Dino Tonini” at the University of Padova. Among many other achievements, his is the fundamental book “Fractal river basins: chance and self-organization” (see  here ). Andrea rightly describes himself as a scientist, while “engineer” is way too inaccurate a description.

Andrea is a very intelligent and charming person, and it is always nice to spend time talking with him. We discussed several things today, from sociological issues of an expanding internet to career strategies in italian universities. He has a son who took on a professional career as a classical piano player, and he promised to invite me to hear him practicing at his home next week. I look forward to it

I also talked for a while to Francesco Cocco, my favorite among my mother’s elder brothers, who is a famous architect in Rovereto. He does have a nice web site where he shows some of his projects, but I insisted with him that he should put together a less static site to make some of his thoughts public. He is an artist more than an architect, and I think a blog would be a good idea for him.



1. Kea - April 1, 2007

So Paolo must have been a crusty old bachelor, I guess. Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself, Tommaso.

2. dorigo - April 1, 2007

Hi Kea,

he was – he is 47. But his wife is 25, so I think he is going to make up for the time lost 😉


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