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A workshop on the impact on ILC of early LHC results April 12, 2007

Posted by dorigo in news, physics, science.

Nota bene: if you arrive at this page from a google search for “LHC results”, you might be disappointed by the post below, which is dated April 2007. I advise to click on the “home” tab above for that information. TD 11/09/2008

A workshop on the impact of the early phase of the LHC on the ILC is going on at Fermilab from today to the 14th. Here is some information which I just received and gladly pass along:

The LHC Early Phase for the ILC

Fermilab, April 12-14, 2007

The LHC will produce its first physics data at 14 TeV in 2008 and has the promise of making groundbreaking discoveries with the first few femtobarns of data. This will certainly have profound implications for the complete HEP program. It is now time to examine the scenarios that may occur in the early phase of the LHC operation and investigate their impact for ILC physics. A workshop on the LHC early phase and its impact on the ILC will be held at Fermilab, April 12-14, 2007. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together the experimental and theoretical community with interest in collider physics to assess the prospects for LHC/ILC interplay based on early LHC data with an integrated luminosity of about 10/fb.

The workshop will combine plenary and working sessions, with the idea of initiating specific projects in these areas. We expect this activity will ramp up into a series of workshops throughout 2007 and 2008.

For more information see this link .



1. ihvan - September 10, 2008

is there anyway that we can watch it online or something? its suppose to go online today (10th sep) really wish there was a place you can get regular updates

2. Spasner - September 10, 2008

I hope there is cause i want to know what is happening

3. anonymous - September 10, 2008

The Big Bang was supposed to happen from nothing. So what the heck are all these tools and tubes and pipes all doing there? anyway, God made the world and universe between 6 and 12 thousand years ago, there wasn’t some big bang billions and BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of years ago. Why can these people not see how much money they are wasting and how wrong their ideas are. If you want to find out ‘the mystery of creation’ read Genesis 1. And lets hope all the millions of evolutionists in the world will come to realize the truth of the matter – a literal six-day creation, an entire universe created by God.

4. Sj - September 10, 2008

Anonymous you are pretty hard man, uh. You wouldn`t make a good scientist.

5. dorigo - September 10, 2008

(comments by anonymous poster after #3, insulting commenter #3, removed).


6. Jack Black - September 10, 2008

10 billion dollars? There are people starving on the streets, children go hungry everyday, people with no place to go. Do you know how many lives could be saved with that money? The project isn’t even worth that much, wow, we have a few new facts on physics, woowwww!!! Nothing is going to change, no new world order, why the hell would you spend that kinda money on something like that! It is greedy and unnecessary. What is wrong w/ people? I say that money should go to the impoverished, escpecially Africa.

7. Daniel Dughman - September 10, 2008

Jack Black : You still don’t know how the world works don’t you ? U.S. President’s foolish wars spend WAY A LOT money than the LHC, but I don’t see you complaining, I also don’t see you helping poor people, you are just a regular person that likes to criticize things just to appear to be a good person.
Actually LHC worth every penny, this world will be a better place to live, this scientists accomplishments open doors to things that will make life easier.

Anonymous: I’m a Christian but if you read the bible literally you won’t understand anything and you will miss the purpose of the storys.

8. dorigo - September 10, 2008

Jack, go tell that to GW Bush. On a more constrained note, I remind you that pure research can lead to breakthroughs that are not imaginable beforehand. Had we avoided investing in pure research, we would still be in the middle ages.

Daniel, thanks for pitching in – for some people complaining against science is a must, until they need somebody to heal their tumor with hadrotherapy. I wish Jack will never find out.


9. Mr. SMIT - September 10, 2008

The general trend for religious people are to judge all scientists and anything that might enforce a different view to the book.
Scientists and non believers never seem to do that.

If it all happened in 6 days like you said, dont worry pal, they will obviously fail. Or not 😉

10. panchi - September 10, 2008

the theory of the big bang it have nothing to do with god creation, the both can be true, the point is if you belive in god creation of the big bang or that the matter was always there

11. bigbang - September 10, 2008

Look if you believe that God created the universe, there is kinda one flaw, errr, how did God get there? If God was real I think the mystery around how the hell he became God is pretty darn big as well.
If you believe in God then dont fret about science because if your right, which of course your not, then nothing will be found to prove you wrong right?
Science has provided answers to many questions that any religious book or preaching cant answer.

12. scott - September 11, 2008

personally, i am indifferent to weather there is a conscious god or not. but are we forgetting that we dont know what over 90% of the universe is? this includes us as human beings. im mean what is conscousness? what makes you make the decisions you make? take all the elements out of our bodies and the electrical charges that control our brains and muscles – which are all held by the laws of science by cause and effect, what makes us conscious? is it the dark matter that scientists have theorised – which could in turn be considered a soul? if this is true, then not only can we say god is the majority of the universe, but in turn dark matter/energy. science and religion can fit together then. think about it.

13. dorigo - September 11, 2008

Dear all,

I have nothing against discussions such as the one that has developed here, but I hope you do not count on my contribution. This post was about physics, not religion. The LHC will further our knowledge, but the pursuit of knowledge by rational means and mysticism are two very separate human activities.


14. anonymous-jo - September 12, 2008

to anonymous. (grammer aside)
this is just to test the theroy of the big bang and the other stuff that follows, When you look up at the night sky do you eaver wonder what holds this place so well and balanced. its to eazy to just say it was made that way or that some bigger thing than us made it JUST for us common and think.

try to thing out of the bubble or what shape youer in!

15. Religion = Not a science - September 12, 2008

f you want to find out ‘the mystery of creation’ read Genesis 1

Lol… Creationist’s….

16. shmeagle - September 12, 2008

the LHC shouldnt be quistioning the faith all the criminals who looked for god for guidence will have nothing to look foward tol then the big question what happens after we die. That will scare the shit out of people

17. Aj - September 13, 2008

All u dudes who r quarrelling out der take a break will ya?der is most surely a god and also der was a big bang,if god made d world im pretty much sure dat he made it keeping in mind a scientific point of view,and d bible xplains it in its own way, so i think dat d lhc xperiment will surely provide an insight into how god literally made d universe

18. scott - September 13, 2008

itsn pretty pathetic that you put words in something that you dont know what is real – i admire the faith you have but shouldnt you realise that god maybe not aware? he is really a reasult of our insecurities? im not saying he isnt there, but dont say he is there until you have proof. maybe he has as much feelings as a plant? i mean isnt god the eternal spirit? everything? dont knock the lhc – its gonna put everything straight, the whole idea of insecurity stems from defensive positions related to our insecurity as a superior species. ps dontg you think that being so high and mighty contradicts the bible- respect your fellow neighbour?

19. My name is listed above - September 13, 2008

Hey came here hoping to find sumthing interesting on lhc ,luks lyk there isnt much other than a bunch of guys blabing abt science messing up d bible.obviously this is d wrong place to be for anyone who really want to learn abt d lhc.adios

20. DB - September 13, 2008

Presumably you know T., that the ILC was effectively killed off by Congress earlier this year. OK, they didn’t pass a resolution stating “under no circumstances will we ever build the ILC, no way, no how, no McC….” but they might as well have, because that is the consequence and the clear intent of the decision.

21. headshrinker - September 14, 2008

I think God wants us to find out things. That’s why he made us humans so smart as a species. Otherwise, He would have just created a world full of fish, dont you think? Are the creationists saying God made a mistake in giving humans the ability to reveal the laws of this universe? Could He not foresee that humans would eventually figure out how to split the atom? And can he not stop us from finding more?

The strange contradiction is that it is the religious creationists that seem to doubt God’s ability to control the universe by pointing out mistakes and the blasphemy of science, while it is the scientists invest their lives in trying to understand, and hence marvel, at the hidden nuances of God’s wonderful universe.

22. headshrinker - September 14, 2008

Anyway, i was wondering by when will some of the LHC findings be released? I read somewhere that it could take up to two years to crunch the numbers? That seems an awful long time to wait 😦

23. dorigo - September 14, 2008

shrink, there are no results because it is not LHC which provides them, but the experiments observing the collisions that LHC provides. Those collisions will only start to happen in a month. And then it will take time to collect enough data to do meaningful physics.

Some early results may be out by the end of the year, but for the most interesting stuff it may take more than two years. Five years is more like a time frame after which we can take stock.


24. dorigo - September 14, 2008

yes, the post above was written 18 months ago… Got high on google however, so a lot of people visited it this week. If you type “LHC results” on google, you get this as first hit.


25. Jordan.gr - September 16, 2008

I found lhc pretty interesting. But about the results, are the scientist 10000% that they will be possitive? Because if there is still a 0.1% chance for the results to be castrophic, it would be better to stop. You cant risk a unique planet full of life forms just for answering some questions that they are not so much important. Sientists dont know everything, they just make theories and thinking with possibilities

26. Jordan.gr - September 16, 2008

If my english sucks, forgive me please

27. dorigo - September 16, 2008

Hi Jordan,

the results ? We have not even started colliding protons. All we did was circulating the beam in one direction, and then in another. It is like a grand prix during the qualifier stage.

Also, I am not so sure our planet is worth saving. No, no, just kidding… One never knows, then you might really get the idea that scientists do not have a family and want to destroy the world.

No need to fear.


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