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Berlusconi’s harem April 19, 2007

Posted by dorigo in italian blogs, news.

Faithful to the common wisdom that even eagles can sometimes walk with chicken, I will for once allow myself some second-hand, low-level gossip. The subject is our beloved ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, who -at the mature age of 71 years- appears to be still sexually attracted to young members of the opposite sex.

Berlusconi’s marriage was discussed in bars and hair salons even more than usual a few months ago, when his younger wife Veronica Lario, usually a very reserved person, bought a whole page of a major daily newspaper to write an open letter to her husband, who had been reported by the media of expressing quite openly his appreciation to a young and pretty actress in public, going as far as showing regret for being unable to propose to her. Despite the unusual medium, Veronica’s letter was the utterly normal cry of solitude of a wife left alone by a too busy and unattentive husband, and Berlusconi answered publicly, for once outdoing the soap-operas his TV networks in audience and in drama, with a letter which had according to analysts been closely reviewed by his lawyers.

Now, far from the TV screen since his defeat in last years’ elections, Berlusconi has given little chance of gossip for a while. However, the latest news on his private activities come from the weekly magazine “Oggi”, who published pictures of Berlusconi in one of his villas in Sardinia, encircled by young girls with which he appears to entertain himself, holding their hands while walking in the park, keeping them on his lap, and the like. Nothing really bad or obscene, of course, but one gets the feeling that the guy is on to something.

Who am I to blame him, or cast the first stone… I well understand that a physically fit 71-years old man may feel the need of these sorts of activities. But I am led to believe his marriage is short-lived, and with it, his political career.



1. jeff - April 19, 2007

Ciao Tommaso
Italians, being what they, are going to envy Mr. B. and his plotical career will have a boost! Its not like in the U.S. that messy private affairs can ruin a politian’s career. In Italy messy private affairs are a sign of vitality and distinction and publicity. Mr. B. thrives on publicity. The only way to get rid of him is ignore him. But that is impossibile for he is a real master. I even suspect that he might have organized the photos. His wife’s letter? A master stroke! Now people love him even more.

bye bye

2. john - April 19, 2007

Nice story. What can you say, that man has balls.
How is your chess at Fermi? I heard that Fermi made the playoffs in CICL this season. Are you going to play for them?

3. dorigo - April 19, 2007

Hi Jeff,

I have played with your interpretation of matters for a while in the past, but I have to conclude that Mr. B. is really in trouble with his marriage. His wife has never helped him boost his polls when it was needed way more than a few months ago when she published her letter, so I really would not understand such a total change of attitude. She is notoriously not supportive of her husband’s politics, but has always decided to stay in the shade and care for her family – which is what I think made her write the letter.

Now, with Veronica pissed to the point of buying newspapers pages, and her husband never around (this is documented, he spends no more than a few nights at home in his villa), I think if he made the pictures up he is not just a genius, but a fool – unless he wants to tell her to leave him.

These, of course, are just my twopence. I know that the theory that he made everything up is fascinating, and in fact, I agree with you. He did teach everybody something in Italy. He is a master in his own way, a master of self-promotion. Seriously Jeff, I can’t help admiring him. I would be happy if he disappeared from the political arena, but he deserves what he got – he is not incredibly intelligent, but he is maybe the most skillful enterpreneur Italy has ever had.


4. dorigo - April 19, 2007

John, yes, Fermi made the playoffs, but I unfortunately won’t be able to play – they are scheduled a week before my next trip to Fermilab. Go Fermi!


5. Fred - April 20, 2007

Mr. B’s recent antics could be the opening act in a play entitled “It’s All Over But the Shoutin'”. This weekend, France might project Ms. Royal into a position to eventually become The Prez. Two years from now we could be witnessing her at a ‘tea party’ with Ms. Clinton. The old men’s club is starting to feel the pressure. Right now, Ms. Pelosi is the picture of Satan at a number of households here in the U.S. It will definitely be interesting.

6. island - April 21, 2007

I dunno… If I was looking at this picture without any preconceived ideas about what was going on with the ladies, then I’d think that I was looking at a mother and her oldest daughter as they sat in Silvio Berlusconi’s lap in an attempt to conceal him from the camera, while mom’s younger daughter sat next to them, looking very bored.

Sorry, as much as I’d love to jump on the harem… … … theory… I just don’t get that impression from this picture.

7. dorigo - April 22, 2007

Hi Island,

well, there were five pictures published, and they were all innocent-like as you say. But a jealous wife can be the perfect storm…


8. island - April 22, 2007

No doubt about that!… nope, none… heheh

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