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PMC Physics A May 10, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, Blogroll, books, internet, news, personal, physics, science.

PhysMath Central, a new open access journal devoted to particle and nuclear physics, cosmology, gravitation, astroparticle physics, instrumentation and data analysis (I may have forgotten something in this long list), is kicking off.

I recently agreed to be part of the editorial board for this journal, with some doubts about the scope of the endeavour. However I feel much more confident today, after reading in the journal’s blog  that I am in very good to excellent company, together with the likes of Barlow, Mangano, Martinelli, Lykken, de Rujula, Sjostrand… And my apologies to those I did not mention in this sample list.

I therefore wish the best of fortunes to this new publication. By the way, if you have a paper to submit, do so before June 30th and you will not be charged any processing fee.



1. a - May 10, 2007

Their list of the members of the editorial board contains Tomasso Dorigo rather than Tommaso Dorigo

2. dorigo - May 10, 2007

I know a, I know… I already asked them to correct the blog entry. I have gotten used to this, unfortunately.


3. Estraven - May 10, 2007

Processing fee? Are you joking, or should I add another item to my very long list of “Reasons why being a mathematician is better than being a physicist”?

4. dorigo - May 10, 2007

No no, I am not kidding Estraven. Publishing in refereed journals is usually not painless. Battleships like Elsevier charge hefty fees. At least, PhysMath Central does not charge anything for accessing the material…
What happens in the world of Math ? I would guess things are not that different, or are they ?

That reminds me of the old anonymous quote by a University President, see http://qd.typepad.com/6/2005/03/the_say_of_the_.html


5. Chris Leonard - May 10, 2007

First of all, many apologies to Tommaso for the mis-spelling. I put this down to having just stepped off an 11 hour flight when I wrote the original post. I have corrected it now and the shame of this will at least mean I will never misspell your name again 🙂

Estraven – there is no submission fee, but accepted articles are subject to a one-off processing fee which ensures free access forever.

In fact all articles on PhysMath Central are universally, freely accessible forever. They are immediately deposited and archived in a number of national repositories. The authors retain copyright of their articles and license the article, under Creative Commons, to grant any thrid party the right to use the article freely as long as its integrity is maintained and its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified.


6. Stuart Coleman - May 12, 2007

This is off-topic, but I’m hosting Philosophia Naturalis, the Physics/Math blog carnival, in a couple of weeks. It’s not very well-known, and it would be great if you could help me out by asking your readers or other physics bloggers you know to contribute posts, or by contributing yourself. If you’d like to nominate something, just drop me an e-mail at stupac2 at gmail dot com.


7. carlbrannen - May 12, 2007

Cool! Congratulations! Maybe I’ll eventually pester the journal with a submission. This is how I think peer reviewed papers should be published.

8. dorigo - May 12, 2007

Hi Stuart,

I will give your site a look… I have been quite busy this last week, but the next one should be slower.


9. dorigo - May 12, 2007

Carl, be our guest… The spirit of an open journal with referees is to try and give science a free access while maintaining high standards. I am sure you would meet them, just avoid crackpotty claims 🙂

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