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The jump May 14, 2007

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, personal, social life.

Last Saturday I took Filippo to the athletics field of villaggio S.Marco, where he participated in the last lesson of a course he had taken this year. 

It was a sunny day, and it was pleasant to look at the children playing and running under the directives of their trainer. I was in the company of a few fathers of some other kids, and we assisted with interest to the session of long jump of the kids.

And then, the real sporting soul sprung out… When I see a real chance to test myself -particularly, to see if I am still able to use my body other than for warming chairs- I take it, and besides, long jump is my favourite discipline as far as athletics go.

So I took a few jumps. And the other fathers took pictures. Obviously, being a die-hard blogger, I have no shame to spare, and so I am posting the only one I got back from them this far. 


You can see Filippo in the background, slightly surprised at seeing me misbehaving. The jump pictured here was not measured, but was evaluated at about 4.70 m by some by-standers. Not too bad, considering I was not even wearing any sporting gear…

The most pleasant thing to report is that I did not strain any muscles.



1. Asher Heimermann - May 14, 2007

Good for you!

Asher Heimermann

2. Kea - May 14, 2007

Wow, a real pro! And heaven forbid your boy should have a boring father.

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