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The catholic church covering pedophiles May 16, 2007

Posted by dorigo in internet, italian blogs, news, politics.

Via zerocold I got to see a 2006 video made by BBC on the plague of pedophile priests and the way the catholic church has a policy to systematically cover up the crimes, relocating the offenders and imposing secrecy on the victims of abuse.

A confidential directive distributed to all bishops throughout the world in 1962, called “Crimen solicitationis” imposes the strictest oath of secrecy to avoid instant excommunication. The concern of the church has always been to hush things up, with absolutely no concern for the victims, nor any attempt at avoiding the same crimes to continue occurring.

The video shows the tragic reality of an endemic situation of child abuse in dioceses around the world. It lasts about 35 minutes, and everybody is well advised to give it a look. You can see it at mezzomondo.



1. riqie arneberg - May 16, 2007

What a surprise! Thw purpose of religion has always been to protect the powerful and decieve the masses.

2. jeff - May 17, 2007

Hi Riqie. To your comment I propose a variation to be able to account for the past 200 years. The purpose of ideology, BOTH religious and secular, is to deceive the masses and, yes, protect the powerful.

After seeing a string, rythmic pounding, of bad news don’t we all start thinking things are rotten, that there is a conspiracy or that the world is falling apart? Reading and seeing the headline news and especially watching in-depth reports we are passive. Just how do we check the sources? Our emotions are easily manipulated by the agendas of others that make and manipulate the news. Those “others” are humans, even if they are of the BBC.

So I ask:
BBC video truthful? Anti-catholic propaganda?

Just asking. I don’t have a clear cut position.

3. dorigo - May 18, 2007

Hello Riqie,

it’s been a while! Sure, religions have always sustained themselves by despicable means.

Jeff, if you look at the video you will know. It is plain to see that it reports facts, and not opinions. Whether the reporters who put it together have their own bias, that is another matter.

One thing stays clear: the church has no interest in fighting its pervert priests, but only in hushing things up. And so it does.


4. riqie arneberg - May 18, 2007

Of course Jeff is correct about “idealogies”, of which religion is only a subset. But in this case the bbc is merely reporting.

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