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The cell phone in Literature May 20, 2007

Posted by dorigo in books, games, humor, internet.

I feel compelled to paste here a link to a short series of funny clips, based on the theme “stories that would have turned out different if the characters had had cell phones”. I think it is a brilliant idea, and I am kicking myself for being unable to give my own contribution. But maybe I will come up with something later… The nights here in the CDF Control room are longggg!

Update: ok, here is my contribution.

Scene: Marathon plains, 490BC. Corpses of Persian soldiers everywhere. A few ships in the background. Bodies afloat in the water. Greek soldiers looking for survivors. The general of the Athenian army Miltiades creeps in Pheidippides’ tent, where the latter is resting after his mission to Sparta to ask for help.

MILTIADES: “My faithful Pheidippides, Darius is defeated! Hurry, run to Athens as fast as you can, and announce that we finally kicked their butt here in Marathon!”

PHEIDIPPIDES: “General, I am just back from Sparta. It was a 150 miles run, I have a sore ankle and bleeding feet. I know Telepantheon charges a lot for roaming, but for this time only just give them a call, ok ?”



1. Tripitaka - May 20, 2007

Oh God yes!
…and Juliet’s rofl SMS was priceless thanks for posting!

2. jether - August 17, 2007

wer can i getn some research finding?

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