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Secrets of the CDF control room May 22, 2007

Posted by dorigo in computers, internet, physics, science.

If you care to have a look at the current status of data taking in CDF – I mean information kept updated to the minute about the monitoring of the detector, the integrated luminosity being collected, the error messages, the problems and everything that happens while I (or anybody else) am on shift, you can jolly well have a look at the CDF electronic e-log .

In principle I am not completely sure whether posting this is a good idea, because I have grown wary of my colleagues’ concept of what is to be considered restricted information here in CDF…. But I am reasoning that if our management wanted to keep this private, they would have quite simple means of doing so (e.g. with a password protection, as is done for all the internal pages of our experiment’s website).

I prefer to think that keeping our e-log on a publically accessible page is a nice display of the transparent management of our experiment. The reasoning is probably that we are proud to show how much effort we put into trying to collect the best quality data at the highest possible rate…. Or did maybe somebody just forget to set a password for the page ?



1. Tripitaka - May 22, 2007

Thats quite fascinating.. but I worry this might end up biting you on the bum my friend

2. Alexander W. Janssen - May 22, 2007

Really interesting stuff. I don’t understand a word but it sounds really cool 🙂

Well, it surely adds some transparency to the project and I don’t think that’s really a problem; the elog is directly accessible from the mainpage!
https://www-cdfonline.fnal.gov/ -> and see the quick links 🙂

Don’t worry mate. If they wan’t to bust you because of *that* I’d call those very people incompetent.

Cheers, Alex.

3. dorigo - May 22, 2007

Hi Tripitaka, I think Alex is right… The page is really not kept very secret.

Alex, yes, I worry not… But I still would rather be manifestly incompetent than busted 🙂


4. Mike Peel - May 22, 2007

Nice! Although “L2_TORTURE” looks a bit worrying, especially when it’s followed by “parasitic”… (guido, Tue May 22 16:21:11)…. Are you sure the science you’re doing isn’t breaking any experiment/computer/human rights? 😉

5. dorigo - May 23, 2007

Hi Mike,

well, those hardware boards we are torturing are quite accustomed to it… We call it torture but for them it is just regular work. Running parasitically means to grab a copy of the signal being sent between two systems to use it for a parallel processing. They are testing a new hardware that will improve the performance of our Level-2 clustering of jets… Seems to be improving a lot our capability of collecting Higgs boson events!


6. Tripitaka - May 24, 2007

uhhhhmmmm – Tommaso !

7. dorigo - May 25, 2007

Yes Tripitaka, what’s up ??


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