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Miscellanea May 23, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, Blogroll, internet, news, physics, science.

Just a few miscellaneous links of things I found interesting in a way or another:

  • The  Sky and Telescope site has the best movie I ever saw showing the surface of Jupiter during a full rotation period. And it was taken by an amateur (one of exceptional capabilities, to be sure), Damian Peach.
  • For the most exquisite Saturn images please visit  the Cassini Ciclops site .
  • A large archive of pictures of the big 1966 flood of Venice and its lagoon has been made available some time ago here
  • In this german site you can create a custom, up-to-date animation of the weather over Europe.
  • Asymptotia and Backreaction are reacting with asymptotical backreactions.
  • Non trivial pentagonal tilings, courtesy Kea.
  • Jennifer Ouellette tells us that it is possible that William Herschel discovered the Uranus rings two centuries before they were scientifically accepted.


1. Doug - May 24, 2007

SandT does have a great Jupiter movie with Red and Jr Spots.

Is there any possiblity that Jr Spot is related to the Shoemaker-Levy collision merger with Jupiter last decade?

2. Quantoken - May 24, 2007

The tiling problem is an interesting one.

Tiling a plane using a single kind of convex polygon of more than six sides had been proven impossible. The proof is a high school level geometry problem. Now I challenge any one, without doing any web search or go dig in a library, comes up with a proof that it is indeed impossible. It should be trivial.

3. dorigo - May 24, 2007

Hi Doug,

good question… The next one please!
Seriously, I do not know. It is possible, but spots on Jupiter are created often, and I doubt that their source is impacts, which are not very common.


4. dorigo - May 24, 2007

I decline your invitation, Quantoken… Elsewhere I was recently accused of wasting taxpayers money by running a blog… If I start on the problem you mention I would make matters worse!


5. aldo - May 24, 2007

ciao Dommaso
I like you blog. I am addicted.
Could you please add stamp swaps and
stock trades (and add corresponding links)

6. JoAnne - May 24, 2007

dear Tommaso
I did enjoy reading your blog. Recently,
you could make use of some sobriety
and restraint

7. dorigo - May 25, 2007

Ciao Aldo,

grazie della visita.
The format of the blog cannot be changed, unless I fiddled with the wordpress code – which I prefer not to do. So you will have to find those widgets somewhere else…


8. dorigo - May 25, 2007

Hi JoAnne.

Thank you for visiting. I need you to be more specific, because I do not know exactly what you are talking about. Can you point me to what you object to ? If you do not like to do it here, please send me a message, I will use your advice.


9. JoAnn - May 25, 2007

you little scoundrel

10. aldo - May 25, 2007

what is wrong with you.
You can’t fiddle with your blog, so yellow stained
from the so many ‘saws’ it contains.

11. dorigo - May 25, 2007

I think I owe an explanation to those who cannot make much sense of a few short messages that have appeared in this and a few more posts.

The author -or the mastermind behind this- is always the same, and he is amusing himself by posting criticism or direct attacks under false names – franco, aldo, alvin, JoAnn. He is using the real e-mail address of the people he impersonates, to make things more credible.

He probably felt ridiculed here by a post I made recently, and this is his revenge.

As long as the criticism is founded or at least it has some basis while wrong, I am more than happy to answer it in clear here, even if it comes from anonymous posters or fakes. However, that is now becoming useless. I have grown tired of the game, and will not answer more of his posts.

Paolo, you can go back to your other useless occupations now.


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