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Chicago-Munich-Venice-Munich-Paris May 25, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.

[NB update: this post has been linked for a comment it contains. Readers coming from those links are probably more interested in other posts here about the recent rumors from Higgs searches, say for instance  this one or  this other one. ]

In a few hours I will leave Chicago with a Lufthansa flight to Munich. Tomorrow morning at 7AM I have a flight Munich-Venice which will allow me to arrive home at 9ish, unpack, pack another time, pick Filippo up, give a kiss to Mariarosa and Ilaria, and head to the airport again. There, another flight to Munich awaits us at 3PM, alas… And then from Munich to Paris, where I wil attend to the CDF week from Monday to Friday in the unusual company of my son.

I did try to convince Filippo that he could travel by himself to Munich if we asked for help from the Lufthansa check-in crew in Venice (I however do not know the details: did anybody here have to fly underage relatives alone?), so that I could leisurely wait for him in Munich and avoid two useless flights… But it did not work: he almost started crying when he saw I was tentatively serious. Filippo is 8, and although he is a quite smart kid, he is… well, still a kid. So I reassured we will be together for the full week in Paris. He will of course bring his game-boy and a lot of other things, to keep quiet during the talks…


1. Deborah - May 26, 2007

and…. what is the point for going to Paris.
Just another sniff of toluene, definitely
no need for you to be there. When is the last
time you had your cholesterol checked ?

2. dorigo - May 26, 2007

Dear Paolo Giromini,

(aka Deborah above), email frascati@fnal.gov, do I need to post you home address and phone number too to tell you this game has lasted too long ? If you really want to post anonymously, please learn how to do it.


3. anonymous - May 28, 2007

I am hearing lots of rumors that D0 has found something at about 4 sigma significance in a multi-b channel and will be announcing it soon. Do you know anything about this that could be blogged? If it’s true, I imagine CDF is rushing to check it?

Perhaps I’m hearing nonsense, but if not, I hope you’ll post about whatever excitement is coming up so the rest of us can enjoy it vicariously! All the best.

4. dorigo - May 28, 2007

Hi anon,

yes, I have heard that too. I think it is some kind of resonance at about 180 GeVish, but maybe too narrow to fit in given the large cross section the observation would imply. I think they will make it public soon if it is anything serious, let’s keep our ears up…

If I hear more about it I will write about it.


5. davidorban - May 31, 2007

>> did anybody here have to fly underage relatives alone?

Yes, I had one of my kids fly alone when he was 12 or 11, and it all went very smoothly. 🙂 The attendants were helpful, and he enjoyed

6. dorigo - May 31, 2007

Ciao David,

good to know… I think it will happen to my son soon too.
By the way, let me know the next time you come at reach, in venice or padova… I seldom travel to lombardia, for some reason.


7. bkr - June 5, 2007


I just found out that if traveling internationally, airlines will no longer let minors fly alone. I had to pay for extra plane tickets for my daughter to come home (to the US from EU) for summer as a result of this rule. Flying domestically in the US is easy though. Can’t say for EU at this point.

8. dorigo - June 6, 2007

Hi bkr,

thank you for the information.


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11. James - June 10, 2007

The buzz from this rumor is huge. Any updates, anonymous?

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