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A new physicist on the scene May 29, 2007

Posted by dorigo in news.

Christopher Neu, a colleague in CDF where he co-leads the High-Pt b-tagging working group, announced yesterday the birth of her daughter Madeline Jane. Chris has worked with me in the group that recently produced a new measurement of the b-jet energy scale from a fit of the peak of Z decays to b-quark pairs. He gave an important contribution to our work by taking care of the trigger collecting our events, which has required constant care in the last few years due to its large cross section, which showed a quadratic rise with instantaneous luminosity – something which often plagues track and calorimeter-based triggers at the Tevatron.

Here is a nice picture of the new father and daughter together:


1. Guess Who - May 29, 2007

Just a few days old and already destined to be a new physicist? Just to be clear, is it more like a dynastic thing or more like a hereditary disease? 😉

2. dorigo - May 29, 2007

Well, GW, totally my extrapolation… I think Chris will be a wise father and so actually I doubt she will become a physicist!


3. Louise - May 30, 2007

So cute! I hope your family had a nice time in Chicago too.

4. dorigo - May 31, 2007

Hi Louise,

thanks… I am in Paris with Filippo only, my wife had to stay home. He is enjoying it a lot, despite the so-and-so weather…


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