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Fitting the MSSM using EW & B Physics plus Dark Matter June 6, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, internet, news, physics, science.

Sven Heinemeyer has just posted in the ArXiv a very interesting paper, of which I was able to give some highlights here in a post commenting the nice invited talk he gave last week in Paris at the CDF collaboration meeting.

The paper, by J.Ellis, S.Heinemeyer, K.A.Olive, A.M.Weber, and G.Weiglein,  is titled “The Supersymmetric Parameter Space in Light of B-Physics Observables and Electroweak Precision Data“. You can get your copy at http://xxx.lanl.gov/pdf/0706.0652 .

The nice thing about this study is that it is an attempt to put together most of the knowledge we have of particle physics observables of relevance for Supersymmetry, and the 10%-class measurement of dark matter (if you believe in the standard cosmology model), to get as much information as possible on the parameters of the MSSM. I intend to provide some more comments to the paper in a day or three, once I have absorbed it (I had promised I would post a few of the most interesting plots here), but I thought it was a good idea to point those of you who do not need my comments to the paper right away.


1. Kea - June 12, 2007

I saw that other post!

2. Guess Who - June 12, 2007

Kea, it came and went so quickly that it must have been a virtual post. Something that only existed for the duration of time allowed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Since that time was so brief, I guess the energy error bar was very large. 😉

3. dorigo - June 12, 2007

Hi guys,

the post went because I was asked to wait… There will be an official release apparently.


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