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Cascade b-baryons in the bag! June 10, 2007

Posted by dorigo in news, physics, science.

The negative Chi_b baryon, a particle composed of a bsd quark combination, has been discovered by CDF in a large sample of J/psi decays (15 millions of them!) to dimuon pairs. Another discovery in the bag!

The analysis has been blessed in CDF last Thursday, but I cannot describe the result in any detail here. In fact, I decided to abide to a decision of our executive board which demands bloggers to wait until a new result is not just blessed, but also presented at a public seminar or conference, before discussing it in their sites.

However, I feel I am not breaking any rule if I just announce it is a very nice new bit of evidence that our understanding of heavy hadrons (particles composed of quarks, one of which a b or a c) is very accurate. The particles, yielding a signal whose significance exceeds seven standard deviations, have a mass in perfect agreement with theoretical expectations.

I will describe the analysis in detail as soon as I feel I am not making anybody angry… Sorry for that!


1. Alejandro Rivero - June 11, 2007

Decay rate is also inside expectations, I guess.

2. dorigo - June 11, 2007

Hello Alejandro,

nice to hear from you ! Where have you been ????

Yes, the rate is in line with predictions as far as I know. Will have more details once this becomes “totally” public 🙂


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