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Management notice June 24, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, internet, language, news, personal.

During weekends the rate of spam comments to this blog (and my guess is to any other) is far higher than during weekdays. This, combined with the fact that I may be unable to seep the list of blocked comments on Sunday, and the lower rate of meaningful comments this blog receives during weekends (like many others), brings the signal-to-noise ratio in the spam list almost undistinguishable from zero.

Due to the above, I have decided that, starting NOW, I will discard all spam messages I receive during weekends, without trying to salvage the occasional meaningful comment blocked by the Akismet filter.

If you are about to post a comment here and it’s weekend time, please be careful: avoid links, trivialities, and if at all possible back it up. If you do not see it appear quickly in the page, send it to me by e-mail at dorigo (at) pd (dot) infn (dot) it.




1. Fred - June 27, 2007

Heck Tommaso,
Do yourself a favor and get rid of it all! j/k. What was the transition like going from Quantum Diaries to QD Survivor? I was reading some of your past articles posted in the ‘physics made easy’ department. I noticed the text was more color-highlighted and the graphics were forward and simple. The posts on “b-jets are cool” and “hadronization” are good examples of this. You wrote in the latter,

“… quarks and gluons: 1. They cannot live as free particles, …”

I still don’t know the what, why and how about free particles (for instance, why are they important?) but your statement sounds correct. It also conjures images of oppressed characters destined to a life of imposed misery. As far as managing your blog, have your priorities or approaches changed in the past two years? How do you envision this blog involved with you in the future?

2. dorigo - June 27, 2007

Hi Fred,

in QD I had to use typepad, which had a nicer interface to choose colors etc., although it was slow in uploading pictures. It also did not allow timestamping posts. All these features and un-features affected one way or another my way of blogging there as compared to what I do here. WordPress is in general a nicer interface, though. It has a lot of bells and whistles, particularly in the monitoring sector (typepad did not allow me to even know how many visitors I had!).

About free Q and G: if they existed as free particles, the world would be quite a different place. Just off the top of my head, we would have a new incredibly strong construction material made of gluon strings, and could use gravitational force for everyday use by assembling matter of arbitrarily high density.

Oh, and don’t be too sad about quarks and gluons, they are asymptotically free particles: they enjoy some freedom at high energy.

My blog has changed a lot in the last two years. Mainly beacuse by having stats in wordpress I understood what was read and what wasn’t, and through the information I received a stimulus to improve it and keep writing about science. I think this blog will stay what it is, unless centrifugal forces such as jealousy or vetoes will damage my career to a level I cannot tolerate any more.


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