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Monday links June 25, 2007

Posted by dorigo in physics.

Here are a few links from blogs I visit, which I found interesting today.

  • Sabine, at Backreaction, has a nice post on the physics of the highest energy cosmic rays.
  • This site allows you to rate movie-like a site by its contents. I thus found out my blog made it to the PG category (see sticker on the right), due to the presence of “hell” (twice) and “death” (once) in my page (I do not know how deep the bot spied the contents here though). Credits for spotting this to Jennifer Ouellette.
  • Clifford Johnson tells us about the Name that particle contest. Quite nice. I think I am submitting my own contribution.
  • Through David Orban’s blog I got to know We feel fine, which is an artwork as well as an “incredible display of the power of the web to transform the way we think about humanity”, to quote David. Remarkable!
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