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Speeding – no one thinks big of you June 26, 2007

Posted by dorigo in humor, internet, news.

Thanks to the web site of Il Corriere della Sera, one of the leading italian newspapers, I got to see this brilliant video, aired in Australia to instill in youngsters the concept that driving fast as a means of self-assertion can actually backfire.

The message passed by the video is clear: You drive fast ? You probably have a small penis, and you dump on the gas pedal all your frustration.

I cannot express strongly enough my admiration for the matter-of-factness and bold free hand of the authors of the campaign. Like the ad against smoking by Yul Brinner dying of lung cancer, this one is destined to save hundreds of lives. Well done folks!

By the way: strangely enough, I do drive fast, but… Oh well. It is a well-known rule in statistics that you can’t compute a meaningful correlation coefficient with less than five penises.



1. changcho - June 26, 2007

Hey, Tomasso, recall your blog is rated PG! But you’re of course right about the lack of a correlation there…


2. Chiara Bortignon - June 26, 2007

Do strogly agree with the video!
Italy (and mostly italians) should learn from it… it’s brilliant and goes straightly to the point!
Well done!

3. gattostanco - June 27, 2007


4. Kea - June 27, 2007

Yeah, good ad. Of course, serious racers would never bother showing off in such a manner. My dad used to race cars when he was younger, but I never once saw him take off fast from a traffic light – whereas I soon lost count of how many times I had to endure, as a passenger, handbrake turns from guys that probably couldn’t weave around more than 1 witche’s hat.

5. dorigo - June 27, 2007

Hello Changcho,

well, fuck!

(If Chad Orzel can do it, why can’t I ? 😉 )


6. dorigo - June 27, 2007

Hi Chiara,

yes, italian youngsters would be extremely sensitive to such a campaign if it was done here… It’s unfortunate Italy is a place where these kinds of “sexually explicit” messages on TV would be ostracized by some.


7. dorigo - June 27, 2007

Hey Kea, agreed – speeding is not what racers do. I think there is a device capable of telling them apart, and it is not a 10-inch ruler. It is a device that measures the 2-dimensional accelerations a car is subjected to during driving. Pros populate it with a perfect circle (going to the limit of friction in all directions), youngsters have a more romboidal figure, bad drivers make an oblong rectangle.

8. tulpoeid - June 30, 2007

“…you can’t compute a meaningful correlation coefficient with less than five penises” — Ahaha hahah hha!!! ROFLBO! Respect to dorigo! You shouldn’t mix physics with sex though…

PS: That ad made me think, did all the really bloody ads about fast driving fail because everyone thinks “still, this isn’t going to happen to me”, while this one looks like exactly a thing likely to happen? We’ll see.

9. Who, me? - July 1, 2007

It is a well-known rule in statistics that you can’t compute a meaningful correlation coefficient with less than five penises.

So, successful statisticians have…..????????????

10. dorigo - July 1, 2007

Thanks tulpoeid, I also am laughing again when I read that back.

Who – I have never met one, and I think I will never know anyway 🙂
In any case, I assure you can be a successful statistician and still be unable to compute a correlation coefficient with paper and pencil. I do not know how five penises would help, but they certainly would not harm either.


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