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A few science posts worth a click June 28, 2007

Posted by dorigo in astronomy, Blogroll, internet, news, physics, science.

Mercilessly speared by deadlines converging on my flesh and bones, I am only able to point to the commendable work of others to entertain you today. Below is a short list of interesting science-related posts I found in blogs I read or stumbled upon.

  • Resonaances has a very good post about the new bounds on dark matter cross section obtained by the XENON-10 collaboration. A factor of 6 improvement over previous results, and a limit that start cutting into the flesh of CMSSM allowed regions.
  • Babe in the Universe tells us, in her usual witty style, of a giant storm on Mars. Her blog is always up to date with astronomy news.
  • String conferences are all the rage this summer. At Strings 2007 Witten has given a talk and produced a paper worth a look, if you like the genre. Information and discussion at the Arcadian Functor and at  Peter Woit’s blog.
  • Alexey Petrov explains that the PVLAS result on magnetically induced vacuum dichroism -and the related possible axion interpretation- has been revised, and no signal is actually there: it was a detector effect.
  • To close the list with one item that doesn’t belong, Jennifer Ouellette has little physics in her post on roller coasters, but I enjoyed reading the history of these things and related trivia.
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