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Impressions from Henry Tye’s talk July 2, 2007

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I hereby admit my inability to report on the talk given by Henry Tye this afternoon at PASCOS, “Brane Inflation: an Update“, for obvious ignorance of the matter discussed therein.  I can only offer three passages that for some reason stuck in my mind, while I was trying to grasp the overall picture (my brane brain tends to find the humorous side of things when everything else fails):

“…We may have a brane, or maybe we don’t“.

A brane can go down the throat, slower and slower, but it still gets relativistic“.

some can be excited, and some can be so excited that they have cosmic string size“.



1. Blake Stacey - July 2, 2007

I expect the hope is that the branes excited to cosmic scales would radiate gravitational waves in some LIGO-friendly manner, à la Davis and Kibble (2005)?

2. Kea - July 2, 2007

LOL! My, your brain wanders a bit during talks …. please keep reporting, even if you don’t feel like telling us anything about the physics content.

3. dorigo - July 2, 2007

Dear Blake,

I did take notes of a talk given previously by Jim Hough. In fact, I think I will post about it later. In it he explained the discovery reach of Ligo, Virgo, and the other ground-based GW experiments. However, he never mentioned excited branes if I recall correctly, but much more mundane happenings such as black hole meetings or pulsar dances.
Tye did try to construct his talk around a scenario that according to him gave “a richness of observational features”. I think I was wearing the wrong pair of glasses, though.


4. dorigo - July 2, 2007

Kea, I am reading the sentences back and can’t help laughing again. I must be sick, indeed. I will try to give more meaningful reports tomorrow, when talks are at a level I should be able to grasp.


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