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Is Hawking Chinese ? July 2, 2007

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, physics.

That is like saying I should be chinese, because there are more chinese than brits.”

Stephen Hawking, talking at PASCOS07 today.



1. tulpoeid - July 2, 2007

Having a blogger reporting from Pascos is really great. Can you give us an insight on what Hawking was talking about? I can make a wild guess or two though…
Good luck with your talk tomorrow although I suppose it isn’t needed.

2. dorigo - July 2, 2007

Hi tulpoeid,

unfortunately, I can’t. I arrived in a *very* crowded hall to find Hawking well into the second half of his talk. I had trouble finding a position which would not interfere with other by-standers nor with the video camera, and could not write down a single line – which, with the state of art of my memory, means certain defeat.

However, I have news for you – the video recordings of all plenary talks are going to be viewable from the pascos site.


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