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Slides of a seminar for italian students July 18, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal, physics, science.

A few months ago I gave a seminar to high school students in Bassano, in the context of the 2007 Master Classes. The seminar was aimed at giving a broad panorama of the science of particle collisions and to focus the students’ attention on the searches for the Higgs boson, which will be a hot topic at the LHC next year.

I think I did a fair job at covering the matter in the restricted amount of time I could use. You can have a look at the slides here (sorry, they are in Italian, although most of the material is quite understandable even if you do not understand the language).

I had forgotten about the material I am making available here, but I was reminded of it by a colleague who asked me for some help to put together an introductory seminar on collider physics at the Tevatron… I hope the slides can be of some use. They have some political twist here and there, and of course some personal pitch.

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