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Mistakes of evolution July 23, 2007

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, science.

Nezareth Castillo Rey, aka Castirey, at 9 years of age is a successful evangelical preacher, who likes (or is instructed) to embark in nonsensical attacks to the theory of evolution. When I saw him on italian TV news today working his audience by walking up and down the stage as if possessed, making faces, moving his arms up and down, and screaming nonsense at the crowd in trance, I could not help seeing the ape in him – and in the adoring listeners just as much.

We share more than 98% of our genome with chimpanzees. And some of us, like that boy in suit and tie grown up too quickly, have mastered the social skills of those animals, too. It is the result of a slow and only partly successful evolutionary effort if a 9-year-old ex-chimp can now hold a mike and be heard by thousands in the auditorium, or millions on YouTube .



1. Coin - July 24, 2007

Nezareth Castillo Rey

“Nazareth, the Castle of the King”?


2. andy.s - July 24, 2007

This is not necessarily a mistake in evolution, Tomaso. When the kid gets to be old enough, his notoriety will give him significantly enhanced mating opportunities.

Looks like evolution in action.

3. dorigo - July 27, 2007

Yes coin, the name is a promise of sorts… His parents brought up as they wanted him to be.

And I agree with you andy. Unless he becomes a priest… Which would also work for evolution I guess.


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