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The NYT piece July 24, 2007

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, physics, science.

Dennis Overbye wrote today for the New York Times an accurate piece on the searches going on at the Tevatron for Higgs bosons, and the atmosphere in the laboratory where the two experiments, CDF and D0, are performing the analysis of the data. I was quoted several times in the article, and the link to this site contained in the NYT page is causing a lot of extra traffic here.

I imagine many of the less search-inclined readers will find a link to my original post on the Higgs rumor of last month useful… On the other hand, I think the post in itself is not too useful. I humbly apologize and offer readers the chance to give a look at the page “Higgs search” on the tab above. Or see this summary of the affair.



1. David Ross - July 24, 2007

As regards planes, cars and shadows: Since the plane is moving faster than the cars, and apparently in the direction of the photo tracking, it appears more often in the accumulated images.

However, as regards the shadows, note that the plane shadow farthest left in the images corresponds to no plane at all.

David Ross
Palo Alto

2. Hardy Mayer - July 24, 2007

That’s how I found you. I enjoyed the piece about the Nielsen-Ninomya-Nonsense (NNN), as well as your slides. Hope you don’t mind if I use some of them in a Freshman Seminar next year.

3. dorigo - July 24, 2007

Hi Hardy,

thank you… You can certainly use freely whatever you find on this site… It’s there for public consumption.


4. Happy Higgs Hunters - Asymptotia - July 24, 2007

[…] the NY Times readers he’s expecting to visit his site – he’s mentioned in the article), here (Tommaso Dorigo is also mentioned, and so points to some earlier links too), here, and here (John […]

5. Kea - July 25, 2007

Wow, that doesn’t read like a newspaper article at all. It’s just like a (unusually well written) blog post, complete with jokes about string theorists and lots of references to blogs. It also makes clear that there is no reputable source for the DO rumour (sorry, Tommaso, but we all know you like a bit of fun, so we can’t count you as reputable).

6. island - July 26, 2007

Jacobo Konigsberg, of the University of Florida, co-leader of the rival C.D.F. group, grumbled, “These blogs put a powerful loudspeaker in the mouths of a few people.”

The few, the proud, the elite…

I must say that it bothers me to learn that the vast majority of experimentalists are themselves so computer illiterate… 😉

Chickenshit, maybe?

“I don’t know if we pinned down nature, or if nature has pinned us down, but there are many corners you can’t get into anymore,” Dr. Lykken said.

It is a very common and pronounced symptom of cutting-edge crackpots to take semi-supported theoretical projections about the true nature of nature way too literally.

7. dorigo - July 27, 2007

Hi Kea,

hruumpf. Now people with a sense of humor can’t have a reputation ? Anyway, I do have nothing about D0. And even if I did I would not share it, since I am told they have me in their crosshairs…

Island, I think Jaco did not grumble when he said that. I think he has nothing personal against blogs (although his might well be a minority view in CDF).


8. island - July 27, 2007

I think Jaco did not grumble when he said that. I think he has nothing personal against blogs (although his might well be a minority view in CDF).

That’s good, because U of F is close enough that he could come over here and kick my butt… 😉

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