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Who’s gonna be a professor first ? August 6, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Art, books, news, personal.

Ivan, his wife Barbara, and their son Sebastiano are spending a week with us in Padola, in the italian Alps. They arrived this morning and Ivan brought me his first book, “Un Cavallino come logo” (A little horse as a symbol) as a present. Ivan is a researcher in contemporary art and is my dearest friend – our parents have been friends since the fifties, and we have known each other since I don’t even remember when. He was recently asked to write an history of the publishing firm “Il Cavallino”, that published art catalogs, books about art, foreign literature, and music since the Thirties.

I am really pleased to browse through this nice new book, which is ultimately a history of contemporary art as seen from the narrow but intriguing perspective of the publications printed through the last seventy years by the firm. I know Ivan spent several months writing the book, and I look forward to spending the next few days reading it. This new publication will not bring fame and fortune to him, but it is an accomplishment which means a step in the right direction for him to get a tenured position in Academia. Ivan and I have been joking about the matter for a long time now: who is going to be a professor first ? I appear to be in a better position now, having already gotten a tenured position as researcher with INFN. But one never knows, and odds are still pretty much even… Good luck Ivan!



1. drummondo - August 7, 2007

that image is about 20x the size it needs to be… you should probably use photoshop or something to re-size those babies before posting. be nice to the people on quota or slow links, and it also scales better.

2. dorigo - August 7, 2007

Hi Drummondo,

I will take your suggestion… I am a bit lazy and sometimes I do not resize pictures. But you know what’s the irony ? I am on vacation and am blogging with a 54kbps connection myself… So I am the first to pay for my negligence!


3. drummondo - August 8, 2007

Ironic indeed 🙂 I always see this problem, especially with wordpress blogs, I only pointed it out this time because it was such an extreme example.

I also hate to nitpick but the image at the top doesn’t show at all.. I didn’t even realise it existed when i first commented. The image link seems to include some ip addresses between the http:// tag and the image location at http://www.pd.infn.itt/~dorigo/cavallino_ivan.jpg

I hate picking problems with things though, so i might just add that i’m a big fan of the blog and look forward to reading it on a daily basis.

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