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Where was I ? September 11, 2007

Posted by dorigo in italian blogs, news, personal.

I know some of you are wondering what the heck is going on with me. Now, five days without posting is really uncommon for this site… On the other hand, it does happen to just have nothing accidental to report, and to be stuck in the middle of a long post which needs to be refined before publication. That is what is going on right now.

More in detail, I spent the weekend chasing galaxies and planetary nebulas! In fact, last Sunday was a very clear night in the alps, and I had a very rich observing session. I will have something more to say about that later. Other than that, I have been busy with the mounting wave of work left behind during the summer break. And I am not nearly through it yet!

As a matter of fact, I saw and let slip away quite a few interesting posting topics. The pope making really awkward declarations on how our civilized world should think in terms of freedom of research, the connected news about the way british scientists have circumvented research on human embryos, the new declarations of the Bush administration on how the Iraq situation is improving… Boy, one can’t take a break from this world, there just is so much going on out there!

One thing to single out: the vaffa-day Beppe Grillo, one of the most well-known bloggers on the planet (I think his is the twelfth most read blog overall) has organized a series of events in Italy to collect signatures for a law that would prevent politicians convicted of misdemeanor or crimes to sit in our parliament (there’s 25 of them there!). He needed 50,000 signatures, he collected 300,000. Bravo Beppe!  


1. changcho - September 11, 2007

Welcome back! I’d be interested in reading about your planetary nebulae and galaxies observing session…

2. riqie arneberg - September 11, 2007

You missed the one about the priest who resigned over an affair with a woman. Apperantly, inside Romanism, heterosexaulity is much more serious than pedophilia. What a pervert!

3. dorigo - September 11, 2007

Hi Changcho, I will report on the planetaries if I have some time tomorrow.

Hello Riqie, I agree – it looks like pedophilia is more acceptable for priests according to the vatican. Those who practice the former get transfered with an advancement, those who practice the latter just risk getting fired.


4. Louise - September 12, 2007

I am glad you took time to really look at the stars, something today’s astronomers often forget to do. Your posts are always enjoyed.

5. Amara - September 12, 2007

After 4.5 years here (Italy), I’ve seen in detail what this young person describes. I _would like_ to be optimistic that 300,000 signatures signals a new beginning for Italy. Instead, I’ll just say: “let’s see”.

6. dorigo - September 12, 2007

Hello Louise, yes, visual astronomy is regrettably becoming obsolete.

Amara, I concur – hard to be obtimistic. But Giuliano Amato today manages to be so: on “Il Corriere della Sera” he claims he tried to pass a law which had a similar intent last year, but failed, only to see the same ones who torpedoed it then now plauding at Grillo’s initiative. I do not know whether his portrayal of the situation is truthful, but he claims the vaffa-day might actually be the way to kick forward things, “all’italiana”. Yes, we’ll see.


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