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A couple of things September 13, 2007

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Just a couple of things you might like to be made aware of:

  • David Orban, long time ago a colleague of mine and now CEO of a software firm, is attending the Singularity Summit in San Francisco as we speak. He is blogging from the site and I am enjoying his reports a lot – he is concise and straight to the point, something which is totally alien to my own prose. He also posts tons of nice pictures of the main characters and the place. Please read his reports here: Day one (morning), Day one (afternoon), Day two (morning), Day two (afternoon). Of course, more to come.
  • Marni Dee Sheppeard, aka Kea, aka The Arcadian Functor, has now reached the hundredth installment of her serial on M-theory. Congratulations Kea, well done and good luck for the next 100! Her latest effort is bordering philosophical issues.
  • Gerard ‘t Hooft has translated his lecture notes on Lie groups in English. These are excellent study material!  Thanks Peter for pointing to them!


1. Amara - September 13, 2007

The Singularity Summit is finished (last weekend), but there is a related conference in progress: Center for Responsible Nanotech conference in Tucson, where Michael Anissimov is blogging:

and Michael’s notes from from the Singularity Summit:

and Ronald Bailey (Reason magazine) with more from the Singularity Summit too:

“Will Super Smart Artificial Intelligences Keep Humans Around As Pets? And other questions from the Singularity Summit”
Ronald Bailey | September 11, 2007


2. dorigo - September 13, 2007

Hi Amara,

thanks for the links you provide… I will now have a look!


3. Amara - September 13, 2007

Also Aubrey de Grey’s SENS3 (anti-aging) conference occurred last weekend (Cambridge, UK), as well. I heard that some (all?) of the talks will be placed online. I have not heard yet if anyone blogged it.

4. dorigo - September 14, 2007

Well received, thank you.

5. David Orban - September 15, 2007

Tommaso, the Singularity Summit was a great event, thanks for linking. I would not be surprised if it were called a ‘watershed’ in ten years’ time. There is more to tell, and I will pull together more of my notes, and impressions.

6. dorigo - September 15, 2007

Ok David, please do and I will have a look


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