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Just a picture September 17, 2007

Posted by dorigo in personal.

Just a picture taken a minute ago.



1. Louise - September 17, 2007

That’s cute. Seeing children is seeing the future.

2. Francis Caestecker - September 17, 2007

Pretty daughter!

3. Kea - September 17, 2007

So cute. And the girl’s a sweety, too.

4. dorigo - September 18, 2007

Thank you all… Kea, I feel slightly abused by your politically incorrect objectification. As a physicist I expect to be appreciated for my scientific output rather than my look, you know…

5. changcho - September 18, 2007

Very nice picture!

6. Matteo Martini - September 19, 2007

Which one of the two is Tommaso and which one is the daughter?

7. dorigo - September 20, 2007

yeah yeah Matteo.I know I look like a baby.

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