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Search engine terms this week September 22, 2007

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, internet, language, personal.

I think I have not reported for a while on the funniest, the strangest, most revealing, or just dumb combinations of words people used in search engines to get the coveted price of accessing this site. Here is a pout-pourri of the latest ones:

  • “big plastic duck on the road”: do I have any idea of why this guy was looking for that ? Nope. Do I have a vague idea of how could he end up in my site ? Well, I wrote of plastic ducks once, but they were small.
  • “coglione translation”: funny how one writes a post, and then it becomes a reference forever (I get hits from that search every week). Yes, I did discuss the word, when it was uttered by our Prime Minster (luckily he no longer holds that charge).
  • “men are assholes”: Agreed. But I think the person (I presume a woman) was looking for some confirmation, to which I once provided my contribution here (although I do not any more stand by the emotive tirade I pulled in that post).
  • “I hate sexist men”: good, and I do not blame you for that. Only, stay away from here then. I have been marked as one, and there’s no turning back.
  • “lisa randall + private life”: Hmmm. Maybe “= mind your own business” ?
  • “green and yellow frogs”: Oh, funny. I did write about green frogs. It was a post discussing how Paris Sphicas explained some details of the inner workings of the CMS trigger system at a meeting.
  • “blowjob”: Darn. I deny having ever used that word here. No, I’m serious. I swear!… Hmmm. Ok. Here and here. But I have excuses for both instances. Honest!


1. Kea - September 22, 2007

LOL. These terms indicate an entertaining blog! All I can manage (besides scientific terms) are search terms for parrot smuggling.

2. estraven - September 23, 2007

Now you will also get all those who can’t spell pot-pourri properly.

3. dorigo - September 23, 2007

Hi Kea,

yes, a colorful blog. Sometimes my penchant (spelling correct, estraven?) for trivialities emerges despite my attempts at hiding it…


4. dorigo - September 23, 2007

Hi Estraven,

thank you for noting the mistake. Indeed, what you say is true. I get a few hits almost every day also from people who look for a “trachetomy” (tracheostomy is the correct wording) after I posted on that once.

BTW, I will get hits for pot-pourri too now, from your comment!


5. Carl - September 24, 2007

Thanks for posting that. I have an old site (AdventureLiving.com) that I haven’t updated since 1998. It still has relevant information so it still gets about 100 visitors per day. However, I pretty much ignore it (though I reply to any emails). After seeing this post here I thought I’d see what sort of keywords people are using to find that site. Well, most were the typical ones or others that made sense. However, a lot of them were along the lines of “What is the point?” That reminded me of some pages I had put there when I was much younger and I went back and reread them. Not sure I agree totally with what I had written back then, but still good to remember what I was thinking at the time. So, thanks for the memories.

6. dorigo - September 25, 2007

You’re welcome Carl. Indeed, one’s frequent blogging tends to amass too much information which one rapidly becomes oblivious of. Having leads to the material is a good thing.


7. cantueso - November 20, 2007

(I have just discovered this website. ) As to search terms, here are some from my place:
Why Plato killed Socrates?
Aristoteles fishing

Earth Hangs On What
Plato kill himself

And from a friend’s place:
Why don’t Greek statues have any arms?
Why don’t Greek statues have any eyes?
Naked women in hell

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