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The killer of Garlasco has a name September 24, 2007

Posted by dorigo in news.

And after all the mistery might not be such a big deal – it seems a plot we have seen a hundred times: 

A boy and a girl each living with their parents, toward the ends of university studies. Normal lives, a relationship which does not take off. Maybe he cannot stand to lose her, or maybe he is caught in a furious rage for no reason: it makes little difference. He hits her, and continues to hit her until she lies in a pond of blood.

Then he realizes, he comes to terms with the situation, and exploits some favourable circumstance to put up a resistance against the force of events. He must clean up his traces, leave, build an alibi, think in every possible detail at his position and the scene of the crime.

But he commits a few mistakes. Very small ones, because he is cold-blooded and smart. But really, one does not easily walk away from such a murder scene leaving no traces behind. Whether those traces are enough for the investigators to nail him or not, it is left to chance – but chance does not smile at him, apparently.

So the story of this homicide seems dramatically simple and common. What was not simple was probably to collect all the traces, the footprints, fingerprints, the deposition of tens of witnesses. A commendable job by the investigators. Alberto Stasi was arrested today after over a month of detective work, analysis of samples, and long questioning sessions, for the murder of Chiara Poggi, his girlfriend.

Chiara was found by Alberto in a bloodbath inside her house after he entered to check why she had not been answering the phone that morning: but Alberto’s shoes were clean, no traces of blood on them. He described her to the police as looking pale: but her face was invisible under blood and hair. He said he had worked at his thesis on his computer for the whole morning: but analysts showed he had only logged on his computer for three minutes. He said that when he decided to check what was going on with her, on the morning when he found her, he had passed over a tall fence: but he had apparently left no traces on it. 

All those were just hints. What caused the arrest today was finding Chiara’s blood on the pedals of one of Alberto’s bikes. Alberto had declared he had gone to check on Chiara by car: clean shoes, blood on the bike’s pedals, false testimony ? Curtains. I expect a confession soon, although he might be tough and continue to hold until trial. And of course, he might be innocent, although Occam’s razor seems to be cutting any alternative hypothesis one puts forward.

One last thought: I feel for him. Of course, many would argue that one should rather feel for Chiara’s family. True. But the life which is being wasted today is Alberto’s. If he is found guilty, of course. I feel for a spoiled kid who is taught he deserves everything and burns his fingers the first time he plays with real life. I may be wrong, but the little I heard and read about this story fits the bill.



1. carlbrannen - September 25, 2007

I’m amazed but there is no hint of this in the English speaking world. By the way, in English, pond and pool mean about the same but “pool of blood” is the usual phrase.

“Pond of blood” suggests what one might encounter in a large industrial abattoir, the sort of thing that convinces even intelligent scientists to become vegetarians.

2. dorigo - September 25, 2007

Hi Carl,

thank you for correcting my English, I do appreciate that.

I think this story did not make headlines around the world because reporters understood it was likely to be of a rather common sort.


3. carlbrannen - September 25, 2007

Tommaso, my tutoring in chess does not seem to have caused any actual study. It seems that when I demonstrate Fritz the student is amazed at the utility of it and determined to use it as an instructor. But when I wander into the mall and see him play, not only is he not writing down his games, I doubt that he even has a notebook and pen to write it down with. So I give up on this.

As a sad aside, my ability to see chess tactics has become very slow as I’ve gotten older. The 5 minute limit on your test was kind to me. The 2 minute limit on the Bratko-Kopec test was cruel, and assigned me to “novice 1400-1500” classification, with only 4.25 points, most of them in the easier tactical positions.

4. carlbrannen - November 13, 2007

A story about Italian murder, sex, students, drinking and drug use that did make the front pages of at least the local newspaper, because it involved a local university student studying in Italy.

Meanwhile, on chess, I’ve found a way of studying the game that doesn’t either bore me or cause my heart to race unsafely, and that is to keep a copy of “1001 magnificent checkmates” by my bed.

5. dorigo - November 13, 2007

Yes Carl, all the media in Italy are on that story. I decided to avoid discussing it, because the dynamics appear very unclear to me.

Best wishes for your chess studies.


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