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Fighting Islam with Pigs November 10, 2007

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, politics.

It is with a unusual mix of shame and amusement that I read the news today about the latest action of Lega Nord activists in Padova. Lega Nord is a political party with roots in northern Italy opposed to the present italian government, and a strong ally of Berlusconi’s “Forza Italia”. The party borders xenophoby, as every now and then its leaders and activists like to remind us with shameful actions of all kinds.

Today a jolly brigade of activists brought a pig to an area that the mayor of Padova Flavio Zanonato had assigned to citizens of muslim faith for a new mosque. Mariella Mazzetto, leader of Padova’s Lega Nord, explained that they thus “blessed” the territory. She explained it is a question of defense of “italian identity”. The pig’s promenade in the area and its probable droppings are thought to be a real hindrance for muslims to accept the place as the site of a new place of prayer, since their faith considers the animal impure.

I feel ashamed, because I always thought Italy and my countrymen have many defects if compared to other civilized countries, but I thought xenophoby was not one of our sins. Well, at least xenophoby had never been broadcast so clearly as a value by a political party. But Lega Nord is trying to change that picture, of course: as is clear by inspecting the one on the left, which shows the close ties of these fellows with our pinky and stinky friend.

I hate to say it, but I also have to confess I feel amusement at the crazy idea of “fighting the islamization of the West” with pig droppings. I am reminded of Beppe Grillo, the famous italian blogger, who had suggested in 1991 that the US air force should drop salami on Iraq rather than bombs. That was a low level of humor, of which I do not think Grillo is too proud… And neither am I of my amusement today, but I cannot help it: in me, the anti-xenophobic gene is strong, but still stronger is the anti-religious one. Oh well, nobody’s perfect…



1. crisalia - November 10, 2007

Well… I suppose it must be in the same line of thinking of “meno cous-cous e piú polenta”! Even if they are awful I just cannot help finding them extremely funny!

PS: nice to see that I am not hte only creazy Italian who writes in English (even if I am still waiting for my Phd in harvard 😉

2. Thomas Larsson - November 11, 2007

This idea is not really new. Yesterday I saw a documentary about Barcelona and cooking. How did 15th century spaniards detect covert moors? By inviting all citizens to extravagant festivities and serving pork.

3. dorigo - November 11, 2007

Hi Crisalia,

you forgot a link to where your English scribblings reside.


4. Filippo - November 11, 2007

I sympahize with you, Tommaso: I really wonder whether I dislike more religious integralists or xenophobic morons.
Perhaps we’ll find out that they are but different excited states of the same scalar (I don’t think they can count beyond 1).
BTW, keep on the good work, your high energy physics posts are enlightning.

5. Quasar9 - November 11, 2007

lol dorigo, humour with a serious subtext

in the wild west (the US) cattle ranchers and sheep herders ‘vied’ for land, the one literally hated the other – for obvious reasons.
the socio-cultural battle between pig eaters and non pig eaters goes on, however it is clear that being a non-pig eater does not make you immune to ‘heart disease’ – and EU legislation has cleared up most of the diseases pigs carried, 2000 years ago and in the middle ages.

However you might spare a thought for Vegans or vegetarians, there are few (if any) places on earth you can go, where man does not farm, breed or hunt animals for food.

6. Amara - November 11, 2007

One only needs to experience the Bossi-Fini immigration law to understand the Italian government’s xenophobias.

7. Irving - November 11, 2007

Are you sure the pig wasn’t the leader of the party? He seems to have the most brains out of all of them. And Italy has been invaded an conquered so many times that there is no Italian identity, except as a political tool playing on fear and hatred. For shame is right.

8. Fred - November 11, 2007

Bonjour Tommaso,

My eye’s were playing tricks on me but I swear this is what I read from Fermilab’s site last night! As I dozed off, my dream swept me right into the middle of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’,

(Fade to black. Snoring in the background.)

“… the pigs had succeeded in reducing the principles of Animalism to Seven Commandments.”

(Theta waves start kicking in.)

“… The Commandments were written on the tarred wall in great white letters…”

– Search for the Pig’s Bosom in P→WW(*) decays in the PO Valley –

One of the most fundamental questions addressed by partisan politicians today is the origin of madness. Theory holds that partisans acquire madness by interacting with a field which permeates space. Within this theory an unstable maddening partisan, called the Pig’s bosom, is associated with this field. The theory predicts all the different parameters of the Pig’s bosom depending on its madness which is the only unknown quantity of the Pig’s partisan. If the Pig’s bosom exists, it can be produced in partisan collisions at Padova. If the mass of the Pig’s partisan is in the range of 135 to 200 KgS, it will predominantly decay to Weak bosom pairs. W bosoms cannot be observed directly with the PO detector, because after their production they decay immediately into other partisans. (An example of fundamental natural selection in action?)

Whether this condition eventually lead’s to indigestion or a run on pork futures in the market is still to be determined. Either way, the God partisan is alive and well with a leery eye cast upon all other theorists.

And as Andy Warhol always stressed to his minions, “Bring home the bacon!”

Au revoir, Napoleon
Manor Farm

9. Muhammad Yunus - November 11, 2007

It has never came across to me that there exist Italians who are as such.

I’m extremely surprised. But I guess this must be amusing too to you.

10. Italy’s Lega Nord: Happy As A Pig In Mud « MLYSN - November 11, 2007

[…] and which made me feel glad being where I am, was when I stumbled upon this blog entry titled: Fighting Islam with pigs. Here’s an astonishing excerpt from the […]

11. dorigo - November 11, 2007

Dear Muhammad,
no, I am not amused by anybody being surprised by xenophoby. I would like to still be surprised by it, but unfortunately it is becoming rather commonplace.

12. dorigo - November 11, 2007

Hi FIlippo, thank you for your support.

Quasar9, I have nothing in contrary to vegans, especially after I heard that Umberto Veronesi is in the pack. Veronesi is one of the leading researchers on cancer in Italy, and a very wise man.

Irving, it’s true – italy was conquer ground countless times in the past. I hope that does not make it expendable in the future 😉

Fred, what did you have for dinner before that dream ? Anyway, I quite enjoyed your “pigs’ bosom” 🙂

Cheers all,

13. jeff - November 11, 2007

Any comments about the behaviour of the Italian government after a women was brutally killed in Rome by a EU citizen from Romania?

14. Arun - November 12, 2007

Abdus Salam was a resident of Trieste, I believe. He was a devout Muslim.

15. dorigo - November 12, 2007

Hi Jeff,

well, I have been missing several good occasions to comment on italian politics lately – as you know I am studying for a course these days. However, I have to say I did not find anything particularly outrageous on the behavior of politicians in the case of the Rome killing. In such cases, most of the damage is done already, and there are no words which can mend it either. I found disturbing the reaction of a few youngsters (both right and left extremists) mobbing romenian citizens in Rome after the killing, and a bit nonsensical the ping-pong between italian and romenian government on the issue.

Of course if you see it differently and want to bring up the issue here you’re welcome..

16. honestpoet - November 12, 2007

Hi T.

I so get what you’re feeling. I would be in the same emotional pickle.

I think all religions are silly, but to intentionally and literally sh!t on another’s faith is ugly, no matter how silly or wrong that faith may be or seem to you.

Have you seen that bumper sticker spelling out “COEXIST” with religious symbols? It’s on my car, and I think it should be the slogan of a new political party.

Speaking of the Spanish, they did at least manage to coexist for five-hundred years, not perfectly, but at least somewhat sustainably and profitably for about 500 years.

It’s time to notice what makes us all humans, rather than worrying about these differences, don’t you think? Why is such a truism so unknown to most? One of the mysteries of humanity, I think. They’ll catch up, eventually, and maybe sooner than we can imagine, with the internet as a tool for us to continue to have these conversations. The rare sensible among us need to cheer each other on as we fight the fight locally to remind our neighbors to be good to each other.

Sorry about the loss of your bridge buddy, btw.

Also sorry to inform you that I’ve recently been tagged, and I’m gonna tag you soon. 🙂

best wishes,

17. dorigo - November 12, 2007

Hi honestpoet, I totally agree. Differences are stressed in order to boost our pride, but pride is something useless in the face of the problems we get to face because we are different.

What does it mean to be tagged ? Should I worry ?


18. nykos - June 27, 2008

I think such actions are totally justified considering how religious minorities are treated in majority Muslim countries. Tolerance shouldn’t work one way only. Also we we haven’t seen any real action by moderate Muslims against fanatics – not one single fatwa against Osama as opposed to hundreds against Israel.

19. dorigo - June 27, 2008

Well Nykos, I have to give it to you – moderate muslims look much less inclined to counter the radicalization of their countries than we think acceptable. I think part of the difference is cultural, in that their action may be less visible and direct than it would be in a western country.


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