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Just lost a friend November 12, 2007

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, personal, social life, travel.

I guess reading on a blog comment that a friend has passed away is an appropriate if a bit crude way to get informed, given that the friend was one I met on the web – and only there, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I felt really saddened this morning, upon reading this comment by her best friend, which informed me of her death. Riqie Arneberg, as some of the most faithful readers here know, often visited this site – I had met her on my Quantum Diaries blog a couple of years ago, and we had made friends. We played bridge online together, and she was able to teach me quite a few things there.

I will have a commemorative post on Riqie out later this week. I am traveling to the US on Thursday, and I hope to meet her friend.



1. Bonnie Arneberg - November 12, 2007


My name is Bonnie Arneberg. I am Riqie Arneberg’s sister-in-law. We buried Riqie today. We have learned so much from Helen about Riqie’s friends on the web. We were especially touched by the e-mail you sent Helen regarding Riqie’s death. Riqie’s brother, Ron, spoke of you at the time of Riqie’s burial. Unfortunately, we weren’t as loving to Riqie as we should have been. Finding out about her friends on the internet touched all of our hearts. We will live with the regrets that her friends knew her better than we did. Thanks so much for your kindness to a very special person.

2. dorigo - November 13, 2007

Dear Bonnie,

thank you for your message. It is not uncommon that the good side of people is known better by their friends than by their relatives. It was a honor for me to have Riqie as a reader here and as a bridge teacher on pogo. She was indeed a special person and I miss her.
Please thank Ron on my behalf for mentioning me at her burial.


3. jeff - November 13, 2007

My God. I exchanged some thought with her too. How did it happen?

4. Quasar9 - November 13, 2007

Death: The inevitable and the unknown
This is where physics offers no answers

1) exists no more
2) exists in another phase or ‘state’
3) exists in another dimension or ‘realm’

So where are the mathematics of human experiences, human feelings, human emotions, human memory and human thought.
Is all information totally lost.

And human emotions are often so illogical. It is socio-cultural custom often determines whether we mourn a sad loss, or ‘rejoice’. What is there to remember, what should we choose to remember – why do we choose to remember humans: acquantainces, relatives, loved ones, (heroes or villains) and friends. Especially if & when we assume them no longer exists – at least no longer as we ‘knew’ them.

5. dorigo - November 13, 2007

Jeff, Riqie was sick, I think she had some pulmonar trouble. But I was surprised too. And saddened, because she was a very nice and witty lady. It sucks, I intended to visit her next week.

Quasar, that is right, the information gets lost, unfortunately. I believe one day mankind will be able to extend by one or two orders of magnitude the span of human life, but eventually everything that was dust will be dust over again.


6. hwasungmars - November 13, 2007

I hope she rests in peace.

7. island - November 15, 2007

Ah geez… what a shame.

8. Quasar9 - November 16, 2007

Hi T,
the thing is heart & lung transplants are already ‘fairly’ common, it is only the short supply of suitable donors limits the number. And we are already talking about ‘creating’ or ‘growing’ transplant organs.

I guess the brain transplant is still the ‘final frontier’
though those who are developing AI and at the forefront ‘neural-AI’ interaction, do firmly believe one day they may be able to download the memories & thoughts of a living person (in a dying body) and transplant them into a ‘new’ body.

Now I am not saying it will happen, any more than I would suggest the humn body as is can survive longterm in low gravity on the ISS, the Moon or deep space. But it does make one wonder if & when it is possible, it will simply mean that what we may consider impossible today – may actuall be possible. And if it is possible ‘physically’ in the future, then it remains open ended whether it is simply ‘beyond’ physics today, or the physics of today. Just A Thought!

9. dorigo - November 16, 2007

Quasar, I actually do believe it will be done one day. Provided humanity does not self-destruct beforehand, that is. I think 40 years from now humanity may really face a transition. I am crossing my fingers that I will reach that time in fairly good health 😉


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11. CeeBee - February 14, 2008

To Bonnie Arneberg: It is no surprise that you were “not as loving to Riqie as we should have been.” You are not loving to anyone except to those who are easy to love. You describe yourself as a Christian, but your attitude is nothing like Jesus Christ. You are self-serving, slanderous, and manipulative. Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Bonnie, you are a good example of this. You are still the same wretched person that you were before your husband saved you from a lifetime of meeting strange men in bars.

12. dorigo - February 14, 2008

Dear CeeBee,

please, refrain from ad hominem attacks here. If you knew Riqie, please send me an email.


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