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Enough madness! November 13, 2007

Posted by dorigo in games, news.

Last Sunday was overall an ordinary Sunday in Italy,  with soccer on the headlines, as always. Soccer dominates the life of our country in a way that makes me sick. It would be enough to say you need to avoid television programs (soccer in all channels) and radio (same thing) on Sunday afternoon and evening, as well as newspapers on Monday morning. Worse is to see traffic in cities clogged by the pilgrimage to the stadiums. Still worse is to see entire trains moving around the country with fanatics who usually destroy everything they find on their paths. But that is not enough: we regularly touch a level of madness, when violence erupts among supporters of different teams. We then get to see cars given to fire, riots, fights with police, scenes of urban guerrilla. And every now and then someone gets killed.

I do not dislike soccer as a sport. What makes me sick is what surrounds it. Why do we have to pay with our taxes the extra work of police forces that try to keep order at soccer games in the stadiums and around them ? This should be entirely charged to the soccer teams! And violence should not be tolerated the way it is. Do I sound like a reactionary ? Well, I am really sort of fed up…

Last Sunday a soccer fan, 28 years old Gabriele Sandri, was hit by a bullet shot by a overzealous, irresponsible police officer, who was trying to sedate a row among supporters of different teams by shooting in the air (left: a threat to the officer, Spaccarotella, by fans of the Lazio team. It reads “Infamous Spaccarotella, you deserve the blades”). Gabriele was peacefully sitting in his car in a service station when the bullet hit him. One dead man, one week of suspension of soccer games, and in two weeks things will be the same back again. I wish they stopped the championship for a year instead, and proceeded to reform the system bottoms up.



1. starrynight - November 15, 2007

and the hooligans responded to the death which followed from their violence by rioting some more!

2. Guglielmo Rottigni - November 16, 2007

I’m totally in accord with your words. I don’t care soccer. I’m not fond about a soccer team. But I have to pay policemen to calm stupids instead of cathing Mafia or stopping financial criminality.
Let’s opposite crowds make their own way inside stadiums. Close them in its and throw away the keys. Maybe the few will survive will be more prone to try to reason.

Good life to you.


3. dorigo - November 16, 2007

Starrynight, in fact it is a spiral of violence that can only end by shutting down the system for a while.

Guglielmo, your solution is a bit too extreme for my taste… I would rather have the hooligans die of boredom in the warm of their homes, it is much less messy.


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