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Relieved to hear that… November 29, 2007

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, humor, internet, italian blogs, news, physics, politics, science.
  1. The United States does not torture. That is stuff for fascist sudamerican countries, and of course the US are above that.
  2. It is in principle possible to store large amounts of greenhouse gases underground, and possibly fight successfully the global warming threats our world is facing.
  3. Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi’s party, will not be terminated, as he had previously announced, but will constitute the basis of a new movement. Repubblica reports that Silvio appears still unsure on the name of the new political entity which will gradually substitute FI.  The man is for sure a bit more lazy with restyling than with liftings, but he is catching up. This weekend he announces a poll in all italian cities, where the name of the party will be chosen. Here the three choices he mentioned:
    1. “Popolo delle libertà”.
    2. “Partito del popolo delle libertà”.
    3. “Partito del popolo italiano delle libertà”. No kidding. I wonder if one can instead chose something more descriptive, like the bold “Partito italiano libero del libero popolo partitico italiano della libertà”, or something similarly easy and catchy. Should be fun to see people amassing at the poll booths for such a crucial step in the final crowning of italian democracy.
  4. Homeopathy is losing ground, and will soon be confined to its place in the shelves of pseudosciences. New evidence and a critical review of past results (also published on the prestigious The Lancet)  shows that the vast majority of double blind tests with placebos confirm what many had known for decades: it is a scam! Nyaah nyaah!


1. Frank Wilhoit - November 29, 2007

In the US, over-the-counter zinc lozenges are being sold that are labelled “homeopathic” even though they contain the typical allopathic dosage of Zn (12.5mg q2h). Homeopathy’s not dead until it can’t be falsely claimed in an effort to sell product!

2. jcn - November 29, 2007

“it is a scam! Nyaah nyaah!”
let me join in:

like something with no relevant ingredients would trigger anything on it’s own …

3. Quasar9 - November 29, 2007

1) The US does not need to ‘torture’ on US soil
they can do it in Guantanamo Bay – Cuba.

2) In principle it is possible to reduce emissions of green house gases, then we wouldn’t need to worry about burying them. But, anyone who can think of some use for CO2 could win the Nobel Prize

3) well Conservative, Republican or Partido Popular, whatever they call it, it is still the party of how to make the rich richer, and make the less well off work harder (and longer) for their pension.

4) It is estimated that more than 62 million CT scans per year are currently given in the United States, compared to three million 1980. Over 20 Million Unnecessarily Exposed To Radiation From CT Scans Each Year, Study Suggests

4. changcho - November 29, 2007

1) Quasar9 – either they torture, ahem, excuse me, ‘do enhanced interrogation techniques’ on Guantanamo; or they outsource the ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ to other countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, or (until recently) Poland. See , here.

Same type of thinking that calls used cars ‘pre-owned’, and also calls mercenaries ‘security contractors’.

5. dorigo - December 1, 2007

Frank, of course I agree, homeopathy is far from dead… We are making the right steps, but it will take a long time anyway.

Quasar, thank you for your interesting point on CT scans. I was unaware of that.

Changcho, I think quasar was being sarcastic…


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