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CMS Party at P5 December 13, 2007

Posted by dorigo in food, news, personal, physics, science, social life, travel.

The CMS collaboration is having its last “CMS week” of the year this week. This evening at 6PM many of the attendees gathered in the big industrial building where the detector components have been assembled and lowered bit by bit in the pit, down into the cavern where the whole thing is being put together. Below you can see one of the few pieces still waiting to join the rest: a wheel of muon chambers, designed to detect forward-aiming charged particles penetrating enough to punch the whole central structure of the CMS detector – muons, that is. One cannot avoid feeling awed while walking under these giant structures.

There was good food and drinks available to the participants. Too good food – it speaks of an army not aggressive enough. But anyway, things unrolled easily and as I left to go back to work everybody seemed to be having a good time.


Yes, I said I am back to work… I have been fighting with some analysis code this afternoon, and I promised it I would come back in the evening to finish it off. Tomorrow I will be flying back to Venice, so I have to see the results of the code tonight or wait next Monday for them.


1. Kea - December 14, 2007

You deserve some yummy food. Wish I was there too.

2. Tripitaka - December 14, 2007

An insanely large muon chamber assembly seems quite a surreal backdrop for wine and nibbles

3. dorigo - December 14, 2007

Hi Kea, yes, you would have enjoyed the company, about 600-700 smart people and a lot of drinks and food.

Hi Tripitaka, yes, at times during the party I had visions of the big wheel tipping over and making marmalade of some of the most brilliant minds around 🙂


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5. FATSACK - March 30, 2009


That is a bohr not a stargate

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