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Get psychiatric attention, please! December 31, 2007

Posted by dorigo in internet.

During these days of holidays, I post little – also due to the lousy internet connection I have from the Alps. But I discovered I am getting lots of hits from people looking for “ch**d p**n”, “n*de ch**d pics” and the like. The reason, apparently, is that I have recently published a post with that title.

Well, I cannot of course prevent perverts from visiting this site, but I can certainly advise them to get an appointment with a psychiatrist. They might discover that even if they are ugly, or deluded, or have a micropenis, or are seventy and counting, they can still get themselves to enjoy consensual sex with other adults.

People, please, get a life. I know most of you mean no harm, and I know one cannot really decide what gets one a stiffy. But those of you that would not harm a kid should understand that looking for that kind of material on the web is by itself an action that foments criminality against children.



1. Alejandro Rivero - January 1, 2008

Well, you should discout the IPs coming from police departments worldwide.

2. Chris Oakley - January 1, 2008

Stephen Hawking with what looks like a girl of legal age:

GIRL: Mmm Baby, you feel so good.
HAWKING: When I’m finished, you will hurt so bad.
GIRL: Aha ha! Fuck! You kinky bastard!
HAWKING: Who’s your daddy of theoretical physics?
GIRL: You are, you are, baby!
HAWKING: I can’t hear you.
GIRL: You are! You’re my daddy of theoretical whatever!
HAWKING: Then play with my walls to get me started!
GIRL: What?
HAWKING: Sorry – misspelling. Play with my balls to get me started.
GIRL: Mmm. Oooh. Oh. Oh Hawk! Oooh – uh – uhum – Hawk, baby?
HAWKING: Shit. This has never happened before. I swear to God. Jesus Christ, this is so embarrassing.
GIRL: It’s OK, baby. It happens to a lot of of guys.
HAWKING: Get your skanky ass out.
GIRL: Hawk, it’s OK!
HAWKING: Get your skanky ass out.
GIRL: Fine!

I don’t think it’s genuine, but it’s pretty funny.

3. dorigo - January 4, 2008

Good point Alejandro…
Chris, tsk tsk. You should not propagate that kind of mockery. One may like Hawking or not, but he is an icon of astrophysics, so by mocking him, we harm the whole of the latter in some way.


4. Chris Oakley - January 4, 2008

Hi Tommaso,

Quick question. Which of the following harms physics:

(i) One of the best known theoretical physicists in the world publicly soliciting the services of lap dancers, or

(ii) An ex-physicist drawing attention to video footage – simulated or real – of the same on a physics blog?

Please take your time about answering.

– Chris

5. dorigo - January 5, 2008

Hmmm Chris,

I would say neither… Good lord, if I was on a wheelchair I would not mind a lap dance myself (for some reason I can’t mention whether I do in reality).
However, I must say that I believe (ii) harms the image of the typical theoretical physicist more than (i). What men do in their pastime, privately or in public, is less harmful than a public mocking of it.

Those are my two cents, anyway… Mind you, I did not censor your comment, only showed mild and good-natured dissent.


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