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Wishes and propositions for 2008 January 3, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, physics.

I wish 2008 will indeed be the starting year of LHC, and I wish I will be able to run an analysis job on real CMS DATA!, possibly without segmentation faults and core dumps…

I wish Marco’s graduation will be smooth and I wish we will produce a CMS document describing a full-fledged analysis of the tth search in the missing Et + multijet channel.

I wish this blog will continue to be read and appreciated by whomever wants to keep up to date with recent results in experimental particle physics, and I wish I will continue to have a sufficient amount of \bar h units of energy * time to keep at least some of my posts interesting.

I wish Ezio and I will do a good job as coordinators of the physics meetings of the CMS-Padova group, and I wish I will see many good analyses starting within our group.

I wish I will attend more marriages in 2008 than in 2007, and I wish I will attend fewer funerals. I wish I won’t be a protagonist in any of those occasions.

And now, a few propositions.

I am going to lose those ten pounds I have put up last year.
I am going to use ten seconds more than I would think necessary on each slide I show, whatever the content.
I am going to drive ten miles per hour slower than I would find acceptable, wherever I am going.
I am going to spend ten minutes less in front of the computer at home every day.
I am going to wake up ten minutes earlier on weekdays, and ten minutes later on weekends.



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2. Kea - January 3, 2008

Good luck with the resolutions! I never make resolutions.

3. dorigo - January 3, 2008

Hah Kea… Me neither! In fact, they are propositions, not resolutions. I don’t suppose you mistrust my English that much, do you ? 😉
A proposition is a long way from becoming a resolution…


4. Dr Who - January 6, 2008

” I am going to drive ten miles per hour slower than I would find acceptable, wherever I am going”

That’s un-Italian.

Luckily, you know it isn’t going to happen…..


5. dorigo - January 6, 2008

Hi Who,

true, however my “acceptable” speed is usually 20 miles per hour faster than what others find normal… So this is in the direction of a partial reduction of the gap with the rest of the world…

… And I think I will try to make it happen in fact. Two weeks ago I lost a 24-years-old friend in a car accident. These things make one reconsider one’s behavior.


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