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The Say of the Week January 10, 2008

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, games, humor, internet.

It’s somewhat difficult though to apply mascara without a mirror, and I came to realize an important drawback of these non-stick pans which are made of completely non-reflecting material

Sabine Hossenfelder



1. Bee - January 10, 2008

Ha. My husband just sent me a pointer. I am very proud to be considered quotable by the inimitable Tommaso 🙂 As an update on the mirror situation: my landlord meant to install a new one yesterday, but it turned out to have the wrong size, so he needs to order a different one and I’ll be mirror-less some more time. Several friends reminded me I have repeatedly explained decisions I made with saying ‘because I have to get up in the morning and look into the mirror’. Now they are really concerned. Best,


2. Stefan Scherer - January 11, 2008

Hmm… to my big embarrassment, I hadn’t even taken note of that remark about mascara, the mirror and the disadvantages of modern pan coatings in my wife’s original post…

Best, Stefan

3. carlbrannen - January 11, 2008

I wonder if I’m the only person around here who thinks that applying pigments to one’s face is a barbaric custom.

4. dorigo - January 11, 2008

Carl, as long as a pretty face gets prettier, I subscribe to pigments, creams, dirty tricks of any kind. So don’t count on me for that…


5. Bee - January 11, 2008

Hi Carl,

It’s all a matter of balance. I’m not much into vastly colored faces, but a little bit of color or shades here or there are interesting, and like my clothing I use it often to express my mood. I find most permanent alterations much more ‘barbaric’, like excessive piercing, tattoos, bleaching teeth, or even plastic surgery. But as most ‘fashions’ it’s a matter of your peer group, and the culture you’ve grown up in, as well as personal preferences. To me it’s also a question of effort. Everything that can’t be done within 2 minutes isn’t feasible anyhow, and I’m not willing to suffer just to appear somewhat more pretty. Best,


6. Myke - January 12, 2008

Everything in under two minutes? Crikey, that restricts the things you can do! It takes me 2.2 minutes to brew a cup of coffee, longer to get rid of it, in the natural stream of things… %-}


7. chimpanzee00 - January 12, 2008

“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness”
— Marguerite Gardiner Blessington

I remember seeing a TV piece on a model who travelet to Tibet (?), for some outreach work with poor kids:

— XX

Women are overly pressured to look attractive by society (magazine covers, etc). This blog has mentioned Italian TV as a culprint, America has a bad case of it too.

There’s a well known saying:

“It’s not what you’re eating [ symptom of unhappiness, over eating ], but what’s eating you [ unhappiness ]”

There was an interesting program tonight on ABC 20/20:

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
New Research Shows That Humans Have More Control Over Their Happiness Than Previously Thought


“Research is showing pretty convincingly now that happiness is really within us [ Substance, “internal” ], it’s not outside of us [ Appearance, e.g. “cosmetic” ],” said Lyubomirsky. “It’s in what we do. It’s sort of how we act, how we think every day of our lives”

University of California-Riverside psychology professor Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky. In her new book, “The How of Happiness,” Lyubomirksy argues that as much as 40 percent of our happiness “is left for the intentional activities that we can choose to engage in — the things that we do and think every day of our lives. What are these “intentional activities”? Scientists know that happy people practice, among other things, more acts of kindness, are able to lose themselves in whatever they enjoy doing, and avoid dwelling on their problems

Hedonic Adaptation
Surprised that your life circumstances have such little influence on your happiness? Researchers have found that people eventually return to their genetically-determined happiness set points after big changes in life, as seen in lottery winners and newlyweds.
Four years ago, Caroline Johnson volunteered for the ABC show “Extreme Makeover,” and received everything from a new nose to new teeth and the requisite breast implants. Did these physical improvements make her happier?

“I think about a year it made a difference,” she said. “People are seeing you for the first time and they compliment you all the time. And then once it wears off, it’s just normal life again.”

“It’s a phenomenon called hedonic adaptation,” explained Lyubomirsky. “We tend to adapt to any kind of positive change …once you make $100,000, now you sort of change your goals. Now your goal is to make even more.”

“People don’t buy Good Products, they buy GOOD MARKETING”
— business maxim

The above has evoked a response from B, & I also have problems with the Appearance over Substance fallacy (“Don’t judge a book by its cover”). Scientists are ruled by Objectivity, not Subjectivity

“They [ Washington DC ] want something SEXY!!”
— H. Zirin, Caltech astronomer (retired)

“My advisor told me you have to sell yourself”
— B

‘Sharon Stone was “very cool and sweet and a true triple threat –beauty, brains and balls.”‘

You sold yourself well at SUSY ’06:


Attractive (& sexy) for your talk (brains). Triple threat. Similar to what Tommaso’s description of L. Randall’s CERN talk.

Kea (“sleeping princess”, modest like L. Randall) has this also, she only recently revealed her innate beauty with a captivating headshot. Her wonderful smile was a reflection of her inner beauty. She’s athletic/sporty like LR plus musical background (like TD), very well rounded.

“You are my Queen [ deserving of worship ], I am your Fool [ lowly servant ]”

8. chimpanzee00 - January 12, 2008

Here is the quote:

“I’ve never felt as beautiful, without makeup, as I did when I helped those children”

BTW, going back to SUSY ’06. J. Hewett/SLAC is darn attractive, as part of the “triple threat” package (brains, beauty, balls). Kind eyes, nice personality..something pictures can’t project. Same with A. Olinto/U. of Chicago & M. Spiropulu/CERN, very good looking & friendly.


but actually, being one foot taller and having a voice that propagates farther than my perfume would makes things much easier. If I have to give a talk, I could kiss the organizers when I can have a micro. There is nothing which I hate more than people going: ‘eeeh? could you speak up? how was that? sorry?!’ after the first sentence. I mean, why does everyone sit in the last row anyway?

And, being mistaken for the secretary is always very embarrasing.

Be careful about perfume (“heat signals”), it can create unwarranted attention.

Gilligan’s Island
Episode #8, “Good Bye Island”
Gilligan discovers a special pancake glue that may help the castaways escape from the island.



She’s packing her suitcase as well.

GINGER: In here professor!

The professor walks on camera and immediately
walks over to Ginger.

GINGER: Remember this dress I made it from…

The professor grabs her and buries his nose into
her neck as though he’s being passionate.


PROFESSOR: Ginger I’ve got to sniff your perfume.

Ginger is delightfully shocked.

GINGER: Oh professor! On the day we’re leaving?
PROFESSOR: Have you got any more of this?
GINGER: Professor I think you’ve had enough.
PROFESSOR: I haven’t got time to explain, but where do you keep your perfume?
GINGER: Behind my ears, can’t you tell?
PROFESSOR: No no no no I mean the bottle, where do you keep the bottle?


GINGER: Why in my make-up case.

The professor makes his way to her case and grabs
the perfume. He immediately walks off camera
leaving Ginger to wonder what happened.

GINGER: Well that sales girl was wrong. That perfume doesn’t make men wild. It drives them absolutely batty!


Gilligan pops up into view.

SKIPPER: Don’t you realize that if the professor thought of using Mrs. Howell’s perfume to dissolve this glue you’d still have us stuck to the boat!
GILLIGAN: Yeah, you still smell pretty skipper.

Moral of the Story:
Perfume (like Money & Power) is Intoxicating & is the Universal Complicating Factor

9. dorigo - January 14, 2008

Hi Chimpanzee,

nice set of pictures and videos you’ve put together at the susy06 link!
Thank you for it. And the perfume story is hilarious…


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